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Mission Assembly - Nairobi 2014 - News

03/10/2007: General House
Marist International Mission Assembly - Final Document of Mendes
As representatives of each Province and District in the Marist world we, Brothers and Lay people, gathered in Mendes, Brazil, for the first Marist... (Read more)
19/09/2007: General House
After Mendes - Final reflections, back in Rome
The recently held International Assembly on Marist Mission is a spring which has gathered the deep waters illuminated by the gathering of Vatican II.

Some of the participants spoke of a new... (Read more)
15/09/2007: Brazil
Brother Seán Sammon at the closing of the International Assembly - More than a hundred missionaries are sent to all of the continents
“A change of heart is the fundamental condition for any renewal of the Marist mission,” said Brother Seán Sammon, upon concluding the International Marist Mission Assembly in Mendes (Brazil). More than... (Read more)
14/09/2007: Brazil
The First approach to the conclusions of the Assembly - The Assembly focuses on five points emerging from the reflection
The 10th of September proved to be a very demanding day, although truly satisfying. After dinner a number of the members of the assembly again gathered in small groups with a facilitator to put the finishing... (Read more)
14/09/2007: Brazil
Final stretch of the group work - The Assembly’s contributions are outlined for the Institute
Today, September 11th, has been another day of intense work for the Assembly. The methodology used to approach the four pending themes is similar to the one used for the previous two themes: exposure... (Read more)
13/09/2007: Brazil
New Roads for Brothers and Laity - The Assembly Begins to Define the Future
Today, the 8th of September, feast of the Nativity of Mary, began with a very special greeting to Mary. For many of the brothers throughout the Institute the feast of the birth of Mary is the anniversary... (Read more)
12/09/2007: Brazil
The implications of the dreams of the brothers and lay members - A mandala to share the implications
The morning prayer today (7 September) was animated by the brothers and lay members from Australia who were inspired by the traditions and the cosmological vision of the aboriginal people of their country,... (Read more)
11/09/2007: Brazil
Sharing the Common Vocation - When the heart is also asked questions

Bro. Paul Fornells gave the reason for this day; he began by recalling what had been the itinerary followed by the Assembly at Mendes until now.  First of all, to allow oneself... (Read more)

09/09/2007: Brazil
Learning the Marist Answers - Building the Dream of Champagnat
Today, 5 September, members of the Assembly reflected on the development of their own Marist life beside youth in different parts of the world and with quite varied expressions. For this these twelve... (Read more)
08/09/2007: Brazil
The International Assembly listens to children and young people - The true situation of children, adolescents and young people in the world today
Today, 4 September, was set aside to listen to the children and young people of our world. Dilma Alves, a member of the preparatory commission, linked the presentation of the musical group Lata Viva,... (Read more)
07/09/2007: Brazil
Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General offers program guides in his talk - Beginning of the Marist International Mission - 03 september
A warm greeting by some lively clowns who used the four official languages of the Institute as they went out among the participants to welcome them began the first meeting of September 3rd. They themselves... (Read more)
06/09/2007: Brazil
The International Assembly warms its engines - In Mendes the final details are finished to begin work
We are now reporting from Mendes. Bit by bit they have been arriving, from the four corners of the world, brothers and laity who are participating in the International Assembly. There are a few exceptions... (Read more)
05/09/2007: Brazil
Brothers and Laity in the presence of the Marist Mission today - A participation that comes from a distance
A significant aspect of this Assembly is the honoring of the vocation of the layperson and the brother. Just by participating, and participating in an intense and broad way in what is being done, indicates... (Read more)
04/09/2007: Brazil
Brothers and Laity together - A new ecclesiastic expectation
As we come closer to the celebration of the Assembly I imagine that most of us will have built up our expectations or made some reflections on it. My personal reflection has wandered about, with varying... (Read more)
03/09/2007: Brazil
An old country property in the service of Marist formation - International Marist Mission Assembly in Mendes
From 1903 the Marist House at Mendes, located in the midst of an extensive property, has served as a place of Marist formation. It housed juniors, postulants, novices and scholastics for decades. For... (Read more)
31/08/2007: General House
All the Congregation’s roads lead to Mendes - Final Phase of the Marist International Assembly
From January 2006, when the local preparation phase of the International Assembly of Marist Mission began, more than 1000 local groups of Brothers and lay folk—in total, some 20,000 participants—have trod... (Read more)
18/07/2007: Spain
One heart, one mission - European Marist Mission Assembly
The European Marist Mission Assembly was held at Guardamar from the 5th until the 8th July. This meeting took place after each one of the five European Marist Provinces had held its own Provincial Assembly.... (Read more)
26/06/2007: United States
One Heart One Mission - American Marists and Marist Mission
This report summarizes the conversations and sharings held in various regions of the Province of the United States between January and March 2007. Approximately 40 Marist Brothers and 250 lay colleagues... (Read more)
25/06/2007: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia - Assembly of Marist Lay Partners
11th June 2007 was another red letter day in the History of Marist Annals in Sri-Lanka as the Lay Partners and the Brothers assembled at Maris Stella College in order to widen their knowledge of the role... (Read more)
31/05/2007: Peru
Provincial Assembly at Santa María de los Andes - Brothers and laypeople meet at Chósica from the 27th to the 30 April
The Province of Santa María de los Andes met in Chósica (Peru) from the 27th to the 30th April, to prepare for the Marist International Mission Assembly which is to take place in Brazil next September.... (Read more)
23/03/2007: Belgium
Province of West Central Europe - Provincial Assembly “One Heart, One Mission”
On the weekend of the 23rd – 25th February, the Provincial meeting of “One Heart, One Mission” was held in the Benedictine Monastery of Rixensart (Belgium). Nineteen brothers and laypeople were able to... (Read more)
07/03/2007: United States
Province of United States - Preparation for the “One Heart, One Mission” international mission assembly in Brazil
In preparation for the “One Heart, One Mission” international mission assembly in Brazil in September, regional gatherings are being held throughout the Province in order to provide input for those attending... (Read more)
23/01/2007: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte - Marist Mission Assembly
One Heart, One Mission. This was the sentiment that the members of the Provincial Marist Mission Assembly shared at Brazlandia (Brasilia), from the 1st to the 3rd November 2006. The Provincial Assembly,... (Read more)
22/01/2007: Mexico
Provincial Marist Mission Assembly - A time of Grace for México Central
From the 8th to the 10th December 2006 we celebrated the Provincial phase of the Marist International Mission Assembly at Quinta Soledad (Tlalpan D.F.). Sixty-seven delegates from twenty-eight works shared... (Read more)
22/01/2007: France
One heart, one mission - Provincial assembly - Province of LHermitage
Invited to allow ourselves to be enticed by the way of feeling and living as Marcellin did and allowing ourselves to be carried by the heart of this man of God, we gathered at the Hermitage from the 2nd... (Read more)
12/01/2007: France
Provincial Marist Mission Assembly - Province of LHermitage
Nearly one hundred people, brothers and laypeople, gathered at Notre Dame de l’Hermitage for the Provincial Assembly. This assembly was composed of participants having come from different countries composing... (Read more)
11/01/2007: Spain
Marist Province of Mediterránea - Provincial Mission Assembly
During the 27th, 28th and 29th December, the first Provincial Mission Assembly took place at Guardamar (Alicante). Seventy-five participants, (thirty-three brothers and forty-two laypeople) attended the... (Read more)
13/12/2006: Canada
If you were Marcellin… - Provincial assembly for the Marist mission - Province of Canada
The Provincial phase of the process occurred at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, an important Marial sanctuary in Quebec, on the 10th, 11th and the 12th November 2006, in the setting of a forum of the Quebec Marist... (Read more)
13/11/2006: Brazil
Identity of the brother and the lay Marist - Marist mission assembly in the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
On the 19th October, more than one hundred representatives of Marist units gathered in the auditorium of Rosário Marist College to participate in the Provincial Marist Mission Meeting. Since the start... (Read more)
03/11/2006: Guatemala
Proposals for both the Assembly and the Province - Marist International Mission Assembly
The Marist International Mission Assembly has affected all those who have par-ticipated in it. Local groups have felt the presence of Champagnat, the vitality of our mission, the current challenges and... (Read more)
06/10/2006: General House
Preparatory Commission for the Marist International Mission Assembly - Another significant moment before meeting at Mendes
The Preparatory Commission for the Marist International Mission Assembly met at Rome from the 27th to the 30th July 2006. All the members of the Commission were able to attend the meeting, including Mr... (Read more)
20/09/2006: Brazil
One heart, one mission - Provincial assembly for the Marist mission - Province of South Central Brazil
The 8th September 2006 will remain an important date in the history of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul as it was on this day that the Provincial Assembly for the Marist mission was held in order to prepare... (Read more)
19/09/2006: Spain
Ten proposals for the future - Marist mission assembly in the Province of Compostela
The Province of Compostela celebrated its Marist mission assembly in order to prepare for the 1st Marist International Mission Assembly which will be held at Mendez (Brazil) from the 3rd to the 12th September... (Read more)
28/03/2006: General House
One Heart, One Mission - The Marist International Mission Assembly is set in motion
The 1st Marist International Mission Assembly has been set in motion on the five continents. This Assembly, whose celebration responds to the wishes expressed by the members of the 20th General Chapter,... (Read more)
16/03/2006: General House
The brothers and the laypeople of the General House - 1st Marist International Mission Assembly
The General Council’s Mission and Laity Commissions sent to the Provinces a short time ago material to start the preparation for the “1st Marist International Mission Assembly”. We have learnt that the... (Read more)