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Communities in Bangladesh

17/02/2010: Bangladesh

About the Pirgacha Community, Br. Eugenio writes: “We have started our second year at Pirgacha, in the Bangladeshi jungle of Modhupur. Now Vigilio Bwalya has joined the community so that we are three Brothers. We live in three mud houses five minutes away from the Parish compound. We work at Pirgacha St. Paul’s High School, where we teach English and Computer classes. We are not officially members of the staff, but we give a helping hand to the students and other people around. People in Pirgacha are Bangladeshi, but not Bengali; most of them belong to the Mandi tribe, an ethnic Christian matriarchal group whose land, language and culture are endangered due to demographic pressure and deforestation of their natural environment.
We go to the Parish every day for Mass and meals with the Holy Cross Fathers. We spend the day working in the school or caring about a group of boys in a hostel near our houses. In the evening, we gather together to pray in a very simple way and to have a cup of coffee while we discuss and share about what took place during the day.
We are still struggling with Bangla, the beautiful national language, but little by little, we are being able to communicate, to understand people and even to teach in that language. We hope by the end of this year we will be quite fluent so that we can start teaching, catechesis, and have meaningful conversations in order to gain the confidence of our students and have some vocations.”

From Dhaka writes Br. Marti: “During this month of January and probably for the whole month of February, the Brothers of the community of Sreemongol are staying in different places attending to some previous commitments or matters related to visas or of similar nature.
Br Javier Peña is already in Sreemongol. He is busy having everything in place to receive the four members of the community when they will all be moving to Sreemongol. During his free time, he teaches classes to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at the local high school.
Br Emmanuel Achema has now been studying Bangla in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, for a few months. He is showing a rapid progress in the mastering of this language.
Br Hilario Schwab is busy with the renewal of his missionary visa in Bangladesh and, at the same time, preparing the needed papers to obtain an entry visa to the Philippines. He will beginning his new mission as Davao Missionary Orientation Sessions Deputy Director and as sub-master of postulants, also in Davao.
Br Marti, together with some Brothers and Sisters from different Congregations constitute the teaching staff of an Intensive English course organized by the Bangladesh Conference of Religious. The course runs from Monday to Friday on a five hour daily schedule with some extra evening sessions for reading and conversation exercises, singing practice in English and watching films.”

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