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An Assembly discusses the subject of Marist Brasil

05/03/2010: General House - Photo gallery

The sixth ordinary General Assembly of the Marist Union of Brasil (UMBRASIL) was held in the « Vila Champagnat »,in Brazlândia (DF), starting on 25 February. For two days, the representatives of the three Provinces of Marist Brasil - Centro-Norte, Centro-Sul, Rio Grande do Sul – and the District of Amazônia, analysed the 2009 performance of UMBRASIL, drew up the plan of action for 2010 and discussed proposals having to do with education and government. « During this meeting we will do an evaluation of the course of studies, the interprovincial Novitiate, and the formation plan for the brothers and lay Marists », Brother João do Prado, executive secretary of UMBRASIL, had emphasized.

Work opened with the approbation of the last procès verbal of the group and the taking up of office by Brother Inácio Etges as new president of the Superior Council for a year’s term. Before beginning activities, Brother Inácio highlighted the importance of the integration of the group: « UMBRASIL is all of us ».

Brother Arlindo Corrent presented UMBRASIL to the participants. The director president spoke about the organigramme, the infrastructure of the new headquarters, the foundation documents, and the team, today composed of 16 members working together. Brother João do Prado touched on strategic aspects, which take into consideration the human potential, processes, and services, and the strategic arrangement. Brother José Wagner Rodrigues, for his part, spoke on the representativity of the organizations associated with UMBRASIL.

The approval of the three titular members of the Financial Council for management of the period 2010-2011 also formed part of the order of the day. Brothers Lauro Francisco Hochscheidt (Rio Grande do Sul), José Augusto Alves (Brasil Centro-Norte) and Rafael Mendes dos Santos (Brasil Centro-Sul) were elected unanimously. Then each Province had time to give an exposition of its actions, priorities and the challenges of government.

The afternoon period was devoted to the explanation by the experts of « Primeira Consulta » of the organization model being proposed to UMBRASIL.

The Provincials, councillors and the directors of UMBRASIL took part in the Assembly, with the help of their collaborators.

Debate marks the conclusion of the Assembly

The last day of the ordinary General Assembly of UMBRASIL was consecrated to reflection on and discussion of aspects of the plan for 2010. The organization team gave a report on last year’s performance, with the results of action taken in the fields of Governance, Mission, Consecrated Life and Laity, the Bureau of Interinstitutional Relations and the Bureau of Resources. The participants also discussed the consolidated balance and the associated organizations which have sprung up around Marist Brasil.

From what had been achieved and the proposals presented by UMBRASIL for the coming year, the group had to vote, up to the end of the Assembly, on the actions to be taken on the management of personnel, the strengthening of the visibility of the Marist presence in the country, and on the educational project, among other priorities. The appointment of the Master of Novices and the fixing of a location for the Interprovincial Novitiate were also on the list of deliberations. « This method of administering the works and the way of looking at things are essential. We succeeded in preserving brotherly union in the discussions », Brother Adalberto Amaral emphasized.

The dynamic of the Assembly also struck Brother Luis Gerhaedt, of the District of Amazônia, who took part in the meeting for the first time: « It is a learning experience which allows us to understand the proceedings in a structured way. »

This was the sixth Assembly conducted by UMBRASIL, and was held on 25 and 26 February in the Vila Champagnat, in Brazlândia (DF).

The Assembly according to the Provincials

« It is a very rewarding and fruitful time for experiencing the Marist charism. The world today is asking for the integration of our lives, as consecrated men, with that of the laity. It is a privileged forum of discussion on the way of living our mission at the present time. » Br. Wellington Medeiros – Centro-Norte.

« The Assembly is important for giving definition to the Marist « Face» of Education, as much on the level of the integration of the content and the degrees of studies as on administrative processes. » Br. Davide Pedri – Centro-Sul.

« UMBRASIL assumes a capital importance, since it contributes to guarantee the Marist charism, from the viewpoint of articulation, the representativity of public organizations and professional management. The biggest challenges for the Assembly are the bases of the courses (school courses), communication, and the consolidation of the processes of formation. » Br. Inácio Etges – Rio Grande do Sul.

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