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New teachers for Ibérica



Group of 55 new teachers for the centres of the Ibérica Province

18/03/2010: Spain

At the college of Zaragoza the missioning of the group of fifty-five new teachers for the centres of the Province has taken place. The day began with a visit to the Edelvives publishing house, where the general manager, Br. Luis Sanz and D. Javier Cendoya explained to us the procedures required in publishing a book. We did the first activity on the programme: to write a letter to Champagnat.

The meal was at the college, which welcomed us with open arms. In the afternoon, we gathered in the chapel of the centre and listened to the response Marcellin had made to our letter. Br. Moisés, vice provincial, brought the function to a close with some stirring words encouraging us to continue growing as persons and as Marist educators.


Letter of the new teachers to Marcellin

Dear Marcellin,

It has been three years since we began our formation as Marist teachers and during that time your presence has accompanied us. At this time when we complete our initial formation, we are writing to you to share how we feel, what we have learned, what have been our experiences and what are our hopes for the future.

The Marists have placed a great value on forming us. The formation has served to help us know your face and your pedagogy, which has caused to grow in us a deep admiration for your attitude of reaching out to the most needy children, for your visionary character and your spirit of struggle, which draws us to imitate you. Moreover, the system of distance learning has allowed us to adapt ourselves to the education of the XXI century.

We have experienced the family spirit we felt on our arrival at the college and which we have made our own, passing on to our students all the values you lived and desired to be essential and distinctive elements of the Marist family.

In the course of these three years we have had the opportunity to come to know the Marist identity, to interiorize it and to reflect it in our daily lives. We have discovered that the values which inspired you continue to be vital nowadays and give meaning to our educational work. In sharing the same ideal we form part of more than a college: we form part of the Marist family.

We have come to know the Marist mission and integrate it in ourselves and we feel part of it. Each of us has different realities to face up to, but we respond with some common characteristics, such as nearness, presence, attentiveness to families and to students who present more difficulties, without forgetting evangelization.

We are very satisfied with our work. We believe that it is important to transmit to our students values for attaining a better world. Nevertheless, we are concerned by the difficulties suffered by broken families, students without motivation… our vocation permits us to meet each day as a new challenge, with optimism, and the wish to renew ourselves as teachers.

And what will we be tomorrow? We hope to continue with will, dreams, and the spirit of work so as to be able to welcome the ever changing future generations. We dream of a school open to all, where we are members of a single family working for the same end.

These dreams, in the form of a challenge, encourage us as educators to show humanity and to serve the needs of our students, bringing the message of the Gospel to a personal level.

Well, Marcellin, this will be the last letter we will send you; the next will be an email. You will recall how difficult it was to transmit your message, how long letters took to arrive. If you have a moment, to have an idea of where your work has come up to now, visit maristasiberica.es and give us your opinion immediately on facebook.

From today we want to give more love and so we will carry out the directives that that have been indicated during these three courses. We pledge ourselves to act as an example of education in values inculcating in our students the importance of effort and personal work.

With this hope we will continue in the line that you began, placing our bets on children and their education. We hope that where you are, a smile is forming on your face, for this will mean that we are doing things right.

With affection, your students, new Marist teachers of the Province of Ibérica.
PS: only one who loves educates.

Zaragoza, 13 March 2010.


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