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About Being a Lay Marist

09/04/2010: Chile

We just received the following communication from a lay person responding to a Province proposal (Province Santa María de los Andes). The proposal was to come to grips with what it means to be a Lay Marist. We feel that the following letter, sent as a response, may help all of us, Brothers and Lay People, to ask ourselves in a truly personal way how we are responding to ……

Brother, as I considered the proposal to come to grips with being a Lay Marist, the following thoughts have arisen:
- I have certainties.
- I have doubts.
- I have a real tiredness.
- I have enthusiasm.
- I have seen testimony that is inspiring and very dynamic.
- I have my disillusionments.
- I have deep convictions.
- I have fears.
- I have my moments of boredom.
- I have unforgetable memories.

- I don’t feel like doing more of the same thing.
- I don’t feel like doing anything quickly.
- I don’t feel like proving anything to anyone.
- I don’t feel like reinforcing the way we are.
- I don’t feel like being certain of anything, even friendship.
- I don’t feel like looking for methods; I want to seek life.

- I really want to experience a “new land.”
- I really want us to seek results that are different from those which individualistic and ego-centered societies promote.
- I really want to share life with others.
- I really want to ask the essential questions.
- I really want selfless community.
- I really want to live a meaningful life.
- I really want the Holy Spirit to lead us.
- I really want to scent the frangrance of the new Marist land.
- I really want to be given the chance to do things in a new way.
- I really want to live out the reality of “see how they love one another.”
- I really want to swallow the bitter pill
- I really want to do more living, and less building, planning and defining.
- I really want us to trust the Lord more than we trust ourselves.
- I really want us Marists to fight for only one cause, being good Christians.
- I really want Mary to be the one who teaches us how to live the Marist lay life.
- I really want us Marist, Lay People and Brothers to have a “trademark” of what we are, not of what we do.

Dear Brother, I am certainly disposed to continue advancing along the path I have started to travel. I have dreams, challenges, hopes. The way I see it, I have little to lose, and so I feel free to follow the call. I have a clear sense of my affection for things Marist and my strong attraction to living in a Marist way.

I have a real certainty about what I have been given, and I have a clear sense of what I have received.

I am grateful for everything: the sun-filled days and the days when rainstorms come, those of peace and those which are troublesome, the happy ones and the sad ones. I thank God for everything.

There is nothing else for me to say except, “Here I am, Lord. What do you want of me? For what I am, I thank and bless you.”

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