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Youth from Giugliano discover the Marist community

15/05/2010: Italy

It has become traditional for the youth ministry of the school and the brothers’ community of Giugliano (Italy) to propose for the youth of the Christian life groups two Eucharistic weeks each year. The initiative is inspired by the experience of previous occasions when the organisers managed to harmonise the rhythms of the Marist community with those of the youth groups forming part of « Marcha ».

On this occasion, the programme ran from Monday 12 April 2010 to Saturday 17 April. At the same time, the Marist community offered an experience of community life to six young people. To facilitate their participation, the community decided to move the morning Mass to 8 pm. The regular attendance of about 20 boys and girls at the Eucharist is a good indicator of the wisdom of this choice.

The celebration was simple, avoiding any excess of symbols and gestures. To facilitate the sharing of life, a little sign was used each day, in addition to appropriate hymns. The beauty of these prayer times with the youth is the most delicious fruit of the year’s ministry and the point of departure for the proposal of ever bolder challenges in the future.

We thank God for his continuing presence which summons us to live in unity; we thank also the Marist community which, thanks to its flexibility with the timetable and activities, made it possible to host the young people and thus complete the school’s pastoral work.

This is the assessment of one of the participants:

« This week, a few of us who take part in the Christian Life groups (GVX) shared an experience of community life with the Marist Brothers of Giugliano. There were six of us – three boys and three girls – making our way to the « Istituto » on Sunday 11 April, with our bags but especially with great enthusiasm.

It was the Superior, Brother Georgio Diamanti, who gave us a warm welcome. Then he accompanied us in a moment of eucharistic adoration, which allowed us to enter immediately into the atmosphere of deep spirituality which reigns in the community.

On Monday, each of us had to face up to our daily engagements – school, work, university, etc. ... The day began at 7 in the morning, in placing our own engagements in the hands of the Lord. It ended at 8 in the evening, with a Eucharistic celebration open to all the members of the school community: teachers, collaborators, etc. ...

During the week we had experience of new rhythms of life and we learned to respect them, sharing with the brothers not only the moments of prayer but also meals and recreations. Thus we came to see the « Istituto » as our second home, and those living there, as family. During those days a climate of co-operation, harmony and mutual respect was created.

We also came to appreciate the work the brothers do with youth, seeing from close up the practical application of the teachings of Marcellin, which gave us new inspiration and enthusiasm for our work as educators. Thanks to the brothers for having offered us the possibility of having such an exceptional experience: even if the time was short, we were able to understand the « essence of the life of the community following in the footsteps of Marcellin.
(Federica) »

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