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Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education

07/06/2010: General House

The first Meeting of representatives of the Marist Institutions of Higher Learning, in Curitiba in November 2004, gave birth to the International Network of Institutions of Higher Education, animated by the Mission Bureau of the General Council. Today these structures of animation are harvesting the precious fruit of their work.

Following the 1st Meeting of the Network (IHE), held in Curitiba (Brasil), from 5 to 8 November 2004, a commission was created to work out a proposal for reflecting on the Marist pedagogical principles applied on the level of Higher Education. Its members were Brothers Clemente Juliatto, Félix Roldán and Gentile Paganotto.

The first version of the document was sent to the IHEs on 30 September 2006, a little before the holding of the 2nd Meeting of the Network, held in Guadalajara (Mexico), from 9 to 12 November 2006. The plenary assembly of the Network studied this version, gave suggestions for inclusion in the text, and approved a working calendar for the period up to the 3rd Meeting. The work was entrusted to the same commission, with the addition of one more member, Brother Pablo Franco.

A second version was sent to the IHEs on 22 November 2007. Once again, contributions and suggestions were collected in writing, and a third version was drafted.

This version, sent out on 16 October 2008, was studied at the 3rd Network Meeting held at Alcalá de Hénarès and Salamanca (Spain), from 17 to 21 November 2008. The plenary assembly approved it in its general lines and asked Brother Clemente Juliatto to see to the final edition, with some minor adjustments.

The definitive version of the document was sent to Rome on 5 February 2009. The work of editing and translation was completed on 25 April the same year.

The original working language was Portuguese, and translations were made into Spanish and English. No translation was made into French, since there were no French-speaking IHEs. The setting up for printing and the verification of criteria for printing became the responsibility of the Communications Department for the Institute in Rome.

On delivering their work, the authors requested the writing of an « introduction-presentation » of the document by the Brother Superior General, which would guarantee its official dimension for the Marist world. In view of the proximity of the holding of the XXI General Chapter, it was decided to wait for the new Superior General to make the presentation.

The principal co-authors of the text are Br. Clemente Juliatto and Mr. Ricardo Tescarolo, and the collaborators in the editing, Mr. Paulo Eudardo de Oliveira and Brs Manoel Alves, Pablo Franco, Bené Oliveira, Gentil Paganotto, Félix Roldán and Frederico Unterberger.

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