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Tropical storm Agatha hits Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

11/06/2010: Guatemala

Once again, Mother Nature has shown us her very ugly face and in Guatemala she has poured great amounts of rain and sand on us. The Pacaya volcano and the storm have seriously affected the whole country. The latest official news from Guatemala reports that the number of dead has increased to 156 while the total of those injured, evacuated and in need of shelter is greater than 400,000.
Conred, the official coordinator for such disasters, reports that the number of dead is still not determined as rescue work on the national level still continues. Hundreds of people are still missing and 87 have been injured.

The official report reports that 135,773 people were affected, 55,614 injured, 135,394 evacuated and 36,149 homeless are in more than 300 shelters throughout the country.

Furthermore, 36,149 remain at risk due to serious flooding, 24,472 homes were destroyed and another 5,872 are still in great danger.

Eighteen bridges were also reported with very serious damage, and there are close to 100 in need of repair, 21 stretches or road have been totally destroyed and 52 more have been damaged.

The Guatemalan government, which today started to prepare plans for the reconstruction of the country, still has not determined the amount of economic loses and the amount of destruction to the infrastructure caused by this natural phenomena.

In Honduras and El Salvador, the other two Central American countries affected by “Agatha”, authorities report 18 and 10 deaths respectively, there are also close to 30,000 injured in both countries, and millions of dollars worth of damage to infrastructure.

The Marist Brothers and Sisters in Guatemala are offering assistance to the injured in shelters and refuge centers, as in zone 6 of the capital as in Chichiscastenanago where there are 300 people at the Marist Center.

Personnel from the Marist Fund (Fundamar) in El Salvador have offered help to those affected by hurricane Ida last year and are now offering the same help. The construction of five houses is being planned.

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