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The prayer we address to our models of Marist sanctity

17/06/2010: General House

Under this title, this new document, presented with those already on our site www.Champagnat.org, reflects about the prayer we address to our models of Marist sanctity: does God listen to this prayer?

We often have the impression that God is not listening, and we enter prayer with a question mark, already expecting to be disappointed. Opposed to this experience are the graces and miracles which the Lord has granted us through the intercession of our Marist saints: our Founder, Br. François and the others, with an often so detailed description that our curiousity to know and our Marist interested are both satisfied. Sometimes the graces are truly surprising, and they can be very recent, even in this year 2010. Those who wish to know about the miracles which the Church has recognised for our Founder, first for his beatification and then for the canonisation, can find them in these pages.

The document offers also prayer formulas which we may address to our Founder, to our confessors: Brothers François, Alfano, Basilio, and also to our various groups of martyrs: Bernardo, Laurentino, Henri Vergès... Sometimes people are looking for these formulas and ask where to find them. These pages solve this problem.

Among the prayers, there are also formulas for the offering of the day in company with our Marist saints. They constitute a variation of the already numerous list of morning offerings we are familiar with, but they add the Marist seal.

Of great interest also are the Marist litanies, certain short, others longer. They may replace the morning invocations before Lauds, or be simply integrated into evening prayer. These prayers are often very original, and include not only the comparatively few Brothers connected with causes of beatification and canonisation, but all the Brothers already in heaven and all Marist friends. Our family’s holiness is like an iceberg, with the greater part remaining invisible, but still there.

This document places at our disposal information about the graces and miracles obtained in the Marist world and elsewhere through the intercession of our saints. It aims at encouraging us to prayer, the prayer of petition, but also the prayer of gratitude and praise. Prayer is always a place of revelation; dialoguing with the best members of the family creates a space of knowledge, admiration, and confidence. With true charity, it is the only instrument provided for us to obtain graces and miracles.

Does God listen? Prayer is already a grace; God is with us: turning us towards himself is already a way of listening to us. To pray to him is already to place oneself in the shadow of his love. We are sure that God is no magician; he does not want to be. But we are still more sure that God is our Father.

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