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4th Continental Gathering of Marist Youth Ministry

07/07/2010: Guatemala

Dear Campanions on the Journey: It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we invite you to our 4th Continental gathering of province coordinators of Marist Youth Ministry in the Americas. As you may know, this gathering, which was agreed upon in Mendes in 2006 and approved by the CIAP en 2007 provided those individuals, on the province level, the opportunity to come together every two years to look at the issue of youth ministry and share ideas as to how we can better minister to the young people within our respective provinces.

This gathering has been prepared by the subcommision for Marist Youth Ministry, which is under the direction of the Commission for Mission. The gathering will take place in Guatemala City and hosted by the Province of Central America.

Some Important details:

The gathering for the evaluation of REMAR and for New Models in Youth Ministry will take place on August 20-22, 2010. (We would respectfully ask that those participants who are going to attend these meetings plan on arriving on August 19th and make arrangements to leave on August 23rd.)
The gathering for province coordinators will be on August 23-27, 2010. (We would ask that those only attending the continental gathering would plan to arrive on August 22nd and depart on August 27th after 5pm.)

Marist Center of Formation of Central America (20 Av. 17-70 zona 11, Guatemala)

1. Gathering of REMAR (August 20-22, 2010)
2. Gathering of New Models in Youth Ministry (August 20-22, 2010)
3. Gathering of Province Coordinators of MYM (August 23-27, 2010)

Gathering of REMAR:
o Objective – to evaluate and revise the REMAR program.
o Participants – Province coordinators and/or local coordinators of REMAR
o Theme – Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and voids of the program. How do we connect the REMAR movement to the world of young people? What do we see as new models/processes for the future of the program?

Gathering of New Models: In conjunction with the Sub-Commission of Solidarity

o Objective – To share new ways of how we evangelize to young people; to identify, whithin these new models, the elements/components of youth ministry; to share our experiences of accompanying these young people through these new programs.
o Participants – Individuales who work with youth, who are considered to be the “least-favored”.
- Specific or general invitation
- In connection with the commission of solidarity.
o Themes – Share the reality that some of our youth and young people are facing; develop a common vision by what we understand youth ministry to be, especially to the least favored; identify connections to what is youth ministry and understand the reality that each province is facing regarding this issue; consider a Theological, pedagogical and methodological understanding of the lives of young people.

Gathering of Province Coordinators:
Participants – The province coordinator plus one other person who works in the area of Marist youth ministry within the province (Layperson or Brother)
o Objective – to continue to move forward the vision and mission of MYM on the province, national and local level.
o Themes – Mystical Spirituality and the profectic vision of how we manage, support and motivate the mission of Marist youth ministry; Personal integration and reflection on the importance of balancing ministry and the personal life.
• Please bring with you a cloth , measuring 30x30 cm, that illustrates and represents the work that is being done, within the province, in the area of youth ministry. (Kindly leave 2 cm on each side since all the cloths will de sown together as part of an activity.)

Sub-Commission: Bro. Miguel Ángel Espinosa Barrera: pjmamerica@gmail.com, maebfms@yahoo.com.mx, Guatemala: Bro. Nice Garrán: nicefms@hotmail.com

Sincerely the Sub-Commission for Marist Youth Ministry,
Mary Luz Quiroga,
Fabiano Incerti,
H. Miguel Espinosa,
H. Juan Fuentes,
H. Albert Rivera

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