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Death of Brother Arturo Chávez de la Mora

30/09/2010: General House

Brother Arturo Chávez de la Mora, of the Province of Central Mexico, died in Barcelona at the age of 82, having been a Marist Brother for 64 years. His death notice was sent at the same time by the Brothers Provincial of the Hermitage and Central Mexico. They both mentioned the two communities where Br. Arturo lived his last years: Mostaganem, where he lived a part of the eight years he spent in Algeria, and Santa María de Bellpuig de les Avellanes, where he passed the last months of his life.Brother Emili Turú, Superior General, sent a letter to the brothers of the two provinces and to the family and friends of the deceased. What follows are parts of that letter:“Brother Arturo’s pilgrimage on earth has come to an end. We had been closely following the changes in his health: in fact, I was able to greet him in person September 9 in Les Avellanes and I could notice the seriously weak state he was in. Finally, on the 24th of September, he returned to the Father’s house, on the very day that the Church, and especially the people of Barcelona, were celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, mother and liberator, and a short time after going to the opening of the renovated Hermitage, in whose province Brother Arturo worked during his last eight years. We feel sorrow at his loss, but we strongly experience the intense joy of having had in Brother Arturo an exceptional man, a heart without limits, a person whose dedication and generosity enriched the Institute, the Church and whatever people had the good fortune of coming into contact with him. His native Mexico benefited from his know-how as a teacher, principal and in formation work. He was also Provincial in those complex years following the Council. He was called to Rome and, as councilor general (1976-1985), he worked closely in the governing and animation of the Institute with Brother Basilio Rueda, whom he loved so much, as a brother and a friend. As a good son of St. Marcellin, all the dioceses of the world found room in Br. Arturo’s heart. He accepted the job of Provincial superior in Uruguay and then, when the weight of the years would have suggested a peaceful retirement, he chose to go to Algeria to help the province of the Hermitage, being a fraternal presence, with an open heart and welcoming hands among the youth of Oran y Mostaganem. As I unite my prayers with yours for his eternal rest, I feel that Brother Arturo has been welcomed in heaven and has eternal joy in the company of Brother Basilio and of so many other brothers who preceded them. From our house of the Hermitage, where Fr. Champagnat’s remains are kept, I recall with affection Br. Arturo’s warm smile, and I invite you to give thanks to Jesus and Mary for the example and the encouragement he leaves us by his life.”The mortal remains of Br. Arturo are in the cemetery of the Marist community of Santa María de Bellpuig de les Avellanes next to the many Brothers who preceded him and those he loved so dearly.

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