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Château-Richer receives distinguished visitors



125th anniversary of the arrival of the Marist Brothers in Canada

02/10/2010: Canada - Photo gallery

The general programme for the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the Marist Brothers in Canada included a solemn reception at Château-Richer. Following this programme, it was on 12 September 2010 that our community was honoured to receive some distinguished visitors. To give them a fitting welcome, we invited the communities around the capital to take part in the reception. Brothers Bernard Beaudin, provincial, and Yvon Bédard, provincial econome, were present to meet our guests.Among the visiting Brothers were: Émili Turú, Superior General, Eugène Kabanguka and Joseph Maria Soteras, Councillors General, André Décultry, delegate of the provincial of l’Hermitage, Ben Consigli, provincial of the United States, Hipólito Pérez, provincial of America Centrale, Libardo Garzón, provincial of Norandina, Eduardo Navarro, provincial of Mexico Occidental, Ricardo Reynoso, provincial of Mexico Central.At 10.30, Mass was celebrated in our solemnly decorated chapel by our chaplain, Fr. Raymond-Marie Moreau, Marist.In the congregation, many of our neighbours, some guests and our confrères.The « Choir of Peace and the Good Mother », directed by M. Reynald Lavoie, masterly performed the musical part of this Mass. This choir is made up of members of the Champagnat Marist Family. The organist, Jean-François Mailloux, and the instrumentalists admirably supported the choir, and on occasion, the whole assembly.After the Mass, our guests visited the Champagnat Gallery and the History Centre of our Province. Br. Paul-André Lavoie guided our visitors with his customary adroitness. Our distinguished guests and the Brothers then shared a toast.This was followed by the banquet. The menu chosen by our Chef, Monsieur Gabriel Naud, and his devoted team, was to everyone’s taste, as proved by the applause of the diners when Br. Bernard Beaudin, provincial, gave them some well-merited congratulations on their preparation and presentation of the dishes.Finally, Br. Rodrigue Dion, superior, had had a souvenir gift prepared for our noted visitors: a red album with the title: GALERIE CHAMPAGNAT - CHÂTEAU-RICHERThis album, a product of our bindery, contained the photos of the Champagnat Galery taken by Br. Yvon Bédard some days earlier. This souvenir will be a reminder to them of their visit to Québec on 12 September 2010. It might also suggest to certain of the visitors the idea of a like initiative in their own countries to honour this giant among educators of youth: Saint Marcellin Champagnat. Finally, our guests visited our Marist Provincial Museum, the MPM, recently rearranged by Br. Paul-André Lavoie, assisted by Monsieur Jean-François Haller and Madame Marie-France. 12 September 2010: a great and unforgettable day for our House of Château-Richer and the Brothers of the Province of Canada!________Br. Laurent PotvinChâteau-Richer

11 septembre 2010 - Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Cap à Trois-Rivières

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