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Reflection on the financing on Administrative Units



Financial Team suggested by the XXI General Chapter gathered together in Rome

22/10/2010: General House - Photo gallery

The Twenty-First General Chapter, at the time of spelling out its conclusions on the financial state of the Institute and envisaging some recommendations for the future, established two objectives in the financial area: 1) To seek a new model of contribution of capital which was more equitable than the present one, from the Administrative Units, to finance the expenses of the General Administration. 2) To work out a new procedure for the financing of the Administrative Units so that they might likewise finance themselves by themselves, while being viable and durable. In order to attain these objectives permission was given to the General Council to establish a Group of financial experts who, under the coordination of the Econome General, would reflect on and work out a financial plan.In order to put these wishes into operation, Br. Emili Turú sent a letter to the Provincials at the end of November 2009. The Brother Superior-General asked them “for the names of Brothers and laity capable of taking part in the team or other teams which would have to work out the plans recommended by the Chapter, as well as other possible groups: International Council of Economic Affairs; help with investments, etc.”Therefore the ordinary session of the General Council of 9th. February 2010 approved the Financial Team. It consists of Brothers Victor Preciado, Econome General and General Councilor, Richard Carey (FMSI Onlus), Roy Deita (Office of the General Bursar), Alberto Uribe (Ibérica), Nicholas Banda (South Africa), Delcio Alfonso Balestrin (Brasil Centro-Sul), Mme. Blanca Arregui (“Acrescere” – Madrid) and MM. Juan Martin Cebrián (Santa Marial de los Andes) and Rex Cambrey (Melbourne).The Team came together for the first time in Rome from 27th. September to 1st. October 2010. For this meeting the team was accompanied by Mme. Blanca Arregui, from Madrid, whose task was to ensure that the participants followed the methodology of the work.The programme for the meeting provided for a time of getting to know each other and the integration of the team, which consisted of people coming for all over the world.The technical work consisted in a reflection on the decisions of the Twenty-First General Chapter and the principles decided on by the Pre-Chapter Commission on Finance (Doc. XXI Chg., p.52-54). Analysis of the Reports of the General Administration (Annual Report of 2009 and Budget of 2010). Recognition and analysis of Financial reports of the Administrative Units for 2009. Recognition and analysis of the work of the Pre- Chapter Commission (June 2009) and determination of new indicators for working out the total amount of contributions of the Administrative Units.The team will pursue its work in two meetings set down for 2011, in May and October, in the Provinces of “Brasil Centro-Sul” and Southern Africa respectively. The General Council has determined that this same Financial Team, appointed for three years, will take charge of putting into operation the objectives of the XXIst General Chapter as well as the functions and tasks realized right up until now by the International Council of Economic Affairs.

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