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Development of vocational training in Kisangani



Chololo Technical and Industrial Secondary School

30/04/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo - Photo gallery

Chololo Technical and Industrial Secondary Schoolis located in the Oriental Province of Congo, in the outskirts of Kisangani, which is the third largest town in Congo. Kisangani was terribly destroyed during the war which took place in Congo from 1998 to 2003. From that time till today Kisangani was declared in french “La ville martyre” that is “a town which was martyred” by the armies of Rwanda and Uganda which fought in Congo. People lost their lives and goods. This has made the people of this town poor and despite the end of the war, the economy of the country in general is not recovering fast. On the other side, the Government does not take much care of schools and many children don’t go to school; but for those who go, they do not have good conditions for study.

Chololo Technical and Industrial Secondary School, created in 1954 by Marist Brothers, was the first technical school in the Oriental Province of Congo. Due to some problems, the Marist Brothers left the school in 1977 and the management of the school was given to the diocese. Due to the political and economic situation of the country, the school was not subsidized and a lot of its infrastructures were not well kept. As if that was not enough, the school being behind a military camp, it was hit by bullets and bombs during the war which took place in Congo from 1998 to 2003.

Being the biggest technical school in the town of Kisangani, the school welcomes more than 2000 students every year, boys and girls, especially from poor families. Students are trained in various technical fields: electricity, carpentry, masonry, automobile, general mechanics. In order to help students from this town, the provincial council of the Marist Brothers of PACE decided to take back the school in this year 2010-2011. The school has got 39 classrooms that are distributed into 6 big buildings.

Unfortunately, the Marist Brothers found the school at a critical state. Almost 500 students didn’t have a desk to sit on, many classes are not electrified, they lack doors, windows and blackboards, a part of the equipment is obsolete. This discourages students who drop out of the school after two or three months of studies. With the assistance of the FMSI the Marist Brothers are trying to resolve this situation.

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