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Llamadas del XXII Capítulo General





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To convoke the General Chapter


H. Benito Arbués
01/09/2000 - Vol. XXX, n. 3
Circular 405

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I. The Event
1. The General Chapter is a special event for the Church and our Institute
2. A look back at the past. Main currents running through the most recent General Chapters; Putting things into perspective
3. Looking to the Future

II. The General Chapter: Its Authority, Scope and Responsibilities
Some criteria to keep in mind when voting for Chapter Delegates

III. Practical Guidelines
A. The total number of Delegates to the 20th General Chapter: 117 Brothers (cf. Attachment II)
B. Lists to be drawn up
C. Date of the election of Delegates for the Chapter
D. Method of electing Delegates and Substitutes
E. Counting the votes
F. Additional information

IV. One final note
My Credo

I. From the Constitutions: New Statutes (1993)
The General Chapter - Statutes and Rules
II. Chapter Delegates by Provinces and Districts
III. First Professions, 1990 – 1999

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