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Direction of the General House


Director: Br. Ton Martínez - Prov. L'Hermitage
Econome: Br Roque Brugnara - Prov. Brasil Centro-Sul

The General House is the headquarters of the General Administration of the Institute. It is managed by the Brother Director helped by the Brother Econome and the Gestion (Management) Council.

The Brother Director

His tasks are the following:

  • To represent the house before civil and legal authorities and the general public, to deal with these authorities, with the lawyers and, if he is the legal representative, to sign legal documents when that is not the responsibility of the legal proprietor of the house.
  • To prepare the budget and assure the financial management accordingly.
  • To watch over the condition of the properties, buildings and equipment.
  • To follow up the projects decided.
  • To distribute work to those in charge of maintenance.
  • To guarantee payments to contractors and employees.
  • To hire personnel after approval by the Management Council and to sign the contracts of the salaried persons.
  • To assure the payment of businesses and of the employees.
  • To assure the welcome to guests and visitors: distribution of bedrooms and transport to and from the airport.
  • To see to the exact observance of whatever contract made with whomever concerning the house.
  • To organise the service of the posting and reception of mail.

The Brother Econome

He is the Assistant to the Brother Administrator. He works in collaboration with him and under his responsibility to assure the proper functioning of the General House.

  • He keeps the accounts and presents an accounts report every three months to the Gestion Council.
  • He coordinates the food service for the brothers.
  • He makes the purchases necessary for the good running of the house.

The Gestion Council

It is composed of members who are appointed by the General Council. It meets at least once a month.

Its tasks include:

  • To study the budget submitted by the Administrator, for current expenses as well as investments, including all the Units dependent on the General House.
  • To study the matters tied to the proper functioning of the House, presented by the Brother Director.
  • To approve the quarterly and annual financial reports prepared by the Brother Econome.
  • To establish criteria for welcoming visitors and guests.
  • To employ chaplains according to the policy and criteria established by the General Council.
  • To study the various insurance policies covering the brothers, employees, properties and buildings, and civil responsibility.
  • To approve the contracts to be signed with other companies or people employed in the house.
  • To intervene in disputes which could arise between the General House and the Villa EUR.
  • To study all matters pertaining to the material aspects of the House and matters which the General Council asks it to study.
  • To study the possibilities for a better use of the space in the General House and its property.
  • To advise the members of the GA on related subjects.  Eventually to ask them for their input before making a decision.  To inform them of the decisions made, if possible in writing.
  • To see to it that the different services other than those previously quoted are regularly and effectively provided. These are the maintenance of the premises, of the furniture, the green spaces, the reception of people of the house or from outside, the laundry service. For that it will need to engage personnel notably for the management of the premises, for the reception at the Centralino, for the laundry.

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