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30/12/2008: Italy
Third age renewal: Manziana
October – December 2008
29/12/2008: Ecuador
FMSI’s Micro-Project for Bice
A seminar for Latin America civil society
28/12/2008: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Emergency Aid for Bobandana, Goma
ED and the FMSI, in solidarity with the people displaced
26/12/2008: Mexico
Regional Meeting of the Northwest Sector of MAS
Mexicali, Baja California
25/12/2008: General House
Br. Seán Sammon
Happy Christmas
23/12/2008: General House
Future Hermitage Community - Second Meeting
Developing a Community Plan
22/12/2008: Guatemala
Paths of personal and Marist growth
FORMAR: an experience of Marist Formation
21/12/2008: Mexico
Regional Meeting, MAS Southeast Group
Ville de Carmen, Campeche,
20/12/2008: Thailand
Ad Gentes
Future mission
19/12/2008: France
A pickaxe strikes at the heart of the rock
A symbolic action at Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
18/12/2008: Spain
17 Marist institutions of further education strengthen their ties
III Meeting of the representatives of institutions of Further Education
18/12/2008: General House
The General Council carry out its tasks
The “winter plenary session“ is on the way
17/12/2008: General House
Chaplain of the International College, Rome
Death of Father Carlos Rogerio Groh
16/12/2008: General House
To stay for the sake of love
Thoughts on our Algerian Martyrs
15/12/2008: General House
Opening a Way Forward in the Church and in Ourselves
European Council of the Champagnat Movement
12/12/2008: General House
A new structure to help with the preparation of the General Chapter
Web page for the General Chapter
11/12/2008: Puerto Rico
Guaynabo, 14 and 15 November 2008
7th Meeting of the Team of Marist Mission in America
10/12/2008: Spain
Walking in the heights
Pastoral Forum with Young People
09/12/2008: Italy
Religious life – Personal and Communitarian Ways of Renewal
Formative Experiences in Italy
08/12/2008: Algeria
Latest Information about Algerian Martyrs
Diocesan tribunal’s work on our nineteen martyrs
05/12/2008: United States
Senior Brothers Committee
Retirement Survey Report
04/12/2008: Philippines
We have seen the Lord
News from Davao
03/12/2008: Australia
Works Adorn the FMS Chapel at Mittagong
Michael Galovic, Icon Writer
02/12/2008: Belgium
Journey beyond the Spirituality Year
Day of Reflection and Prayer in Habay
01/12/2008: Côte dIvoire
District of West Africa
Perpetual Profession of Brother Vincent de Paul Kouassi
28/11/2008: Mexico
Accompanying the students in their process of formation
Social Service for the high schools of the Province of Western Mexico
28/11/2008: General House
Congratulations to Brother Seán Sammon on his birthday
The General House celebrated his birthday party with great fraternity
27/11/2008: General House
Convention on the Rights of the Childs
Advent and Marist Solidarity 2008
26/11/2008: General House
Thank you, Our Lady
Closing of the of the Year of Spirituality
25/11/2008: Mexico
Laity and Marist Brothers Together
XIVth National Meeting of FMS Fraternities
24/11/2008: United States
Sharing our mission
Campus ministers and religion department chairs meet in Chicago
22/11/2008: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) Mourns Her Children, « She will not be consoled »
Statement by Congo Bishops’ Standing Committee Re: War in Northeast Congo
21/11/2008: Guatemala
Looking to the future
Meeting of the General Council with the young people of the Arco Norte (3)
21/11/2008: France
1920 - 2008
Brother Jean Gabriel Michel
20/11/2008: Guatemala
The young people share their life stories
Meeting of the General Council with the young people of Arco Norte (2)
20/11/2008: Ghana
Living signs of the father’s tenderness
A reflection on the “Water from the Rock”
19/11/2008: Pakistan
Teachers Matter
Sargodha Catholic High School
18/11/2008: General House
Vade-mecum Published
Administrative Guide for Brother Provincials and their Councilors
17/11/2008: Canada
Do what He tells you
Marian exhibition in Drummondville
17/11/2008: Guatemala
The young people of Arco Norte meet in Guatemala
Meeting of the General Council with the young people of Arco Norte (1)
16/11/2008: Uruguay
We’re Celebrating 10 Years
Marist Home in Mangangá, Uruguay
14/11/2008: Mexico
Towards the heart of the region
Enlarged General Council with the Provinces of Arco Norte (3)
14/11/2008: Mexico
Discerning structures for animation and government
Enlarged General Council with the Provinces of the Arco Norte (4)
13/11/2008: United States
Embracing our call
A new Marist evangelization program is inaugurated
12/11/2008: Canada
Creating New Experiences for Sharing the Journey!
Preparatory Committee Prepares the Shared Formation Experience Brothers and Laity
11/11/2008: Ecuador
Colegio Intercultural Bilingüe Fiscomisiona Abya Yala
My Experience as a Marist Volunteer
11/11/2008: Mexico
Enlarged General Council with the Provinces of Arco Norte (2)
Getting to know the region
10/11/2008: Argentina
Suggestions involving regional and interregional collaboration
Enlarged General Council with the Marist regions of Brazil and Cono Sur (5)
10/11/2008: Mexico
A meeting that promises new hope
Enlarged General Council with the Provinces of Arco Norte (1)
07/11/2008: Spain
Celebrating the Anniversary
75 Years of FMS Presence in Cordoba
07/11/2008: Argentina
Animation and Government Structures
The Increased General Council with the Marist Regions of Brazil and the “Southern Cone” (4)
06/11/2008: Pakistan
35 years as a missionary in Pakistan
Br. Remigous Fernando - 50 years as a Marist
05/11/2008: Argentina
Mission and Laity
The General Council reaches the Marist Regions of Brazil and the “Southern Cone” (3)
04/11/2008: El Salvador
Courageously Facing Today’s Challenges
Seventh National Meeting El Salvador Fraternities
04/11/2008: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
“Again the blood of innocents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!”
Declaration of the National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (CENCO)
03/11/2008: Mexico
Councilor General under Brother Basilio Rueda
Death of Brother Alfonso Wimer Campos (Brother Teresiano)
01/11/2008: Argentina
The pastoral care of the young brothers
The Enlarged General Council with the Marist regions of Brazil and Cono Sur (2)
31/10/2008: Kenya
Lay Leaders and Brothers in Africa and Madagascar
Letter to the participants in the Nairobi Seminar on Marist Spirituality
31/10/2008: Argentina
The beginning of the work
The enlarged General Council with the Marist regions of Brazil and Cono Sur (1)
30/10/2008: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Our Brothers Move Out of Bobandana
Conflict in the Congo’s Great Lakes Region
30/10/2008: Argentina
Brother Seán Sammon concludes the meeting
Meeting of the General Council with the young people of Brazil and Cono Sur (4)
29/10/2008: Greece
Marist Schools and Child Rights
Br. César Henríquez visits the Marist schools to talk about child rights
29/10/2008: Argentina
Loving, believing, working
Meeting of the General Council with the young people from Brazil and Cono Sur (3)
28/10/2008: General House
Apostolic Briefs of Beatification
Beatification of Br. Bernardo and the group of Laurentino, Virgilio and the other 44 martyr confreres
28/10/2008: Argentina
Talking about Identity and Diversity
General Council Meets with Young People of Brazil and Cono Sur
27/10/2008: Australia
Marist Animators’ Course
A study of Marist Spiritual Patrimony of Sydney Province
27/10/2008: Mexico
The Coming General Chapter
Leaders of the Youth Ministry Meet Young Leaders in Central Mexico Province
25/10/2008: Argentina
Meeting of the General Council with the Youth of Brazil and Cono Sur – 1
Young People from Brazil and Cono Sur meet in Luján (Argentina)
24/10/2008: General House
On the Road towards the XXI General Chapter
Delegates to the XXI General Chapter
23/10/2008: General House
And Now What?
The Marist Year of Spirituality Draws to a Close
23/10/2008: Spain
Recapturing History
“Cervantespedia” organized by Former Students’ Association
22/10/2008: Philippines
Continue walking forward with great faith
Mission Ad Gentes Brothers in Davao
21/10/2008: Sri Lanka
A Greeting from India and Sri Lanka
Recollection on our Models of Marist Sanctity
20/10/2008: Madagascar
Spirituality Year
Meeting Held at FMS School, Fianarantsao
20/10/2008: General House
Brother Richard Carey
new Director of our General Administration’s International Bureau of Solidarity (BIS)
18/10/2008: Brazil
In Thanksgiving for the Marist Charism
100 years since the arrival of the Marist Brothers in the State of Maranhão
17/10/2008: Canada
An initiative of brothers on retreat
Marial Exposition at Bon Conseil de Chicoutimi
16/10/2008: Brazil
Students, professors and innovation
The Marist colleges undergo a technological renewal
15/10/2008: Spain
“Energy” in El Escorial!
80 groups have passed through this center of spirituality
14/10/2008: General House
Child Rights and the Millennium Development Goals
The UN’ commitment to reduce extreme poverty and the implementation of children’s rights
13/10/2008: Italy
Highlighting the Synod on the Word of God
A Record for Television Programming - The Bible Live
12/10/2008: Italy
Meeting Based on Marcellin’s Charism, Refreshment for the New School Year
The Marist Brothers’ School in Giuliano, Naples
10/10/2008: Spain
Fifth Meetings of the Fraternities
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family - Iberia Province
09/10/2008: Italy
Spanish and Portuguese speaking Marists and Marianists
Our older Brothers finish their course in Manziana
08/10/2008: Madagascar
Year of Spirituality
Retreat at Madagascar
07/10/2008: India
The Marist Brothers have suffered no harm
The anti-Christian violence in India is worsening
07/10/2008: Colombia
Older Brothers
A group of twenty-two Brothers gathered together
06/10/2008: Kenya
Short Course on Marist Spirituality
Orientation Workshop for Champagnat Lay Leaders in Africa and Madagascar
03/10/2008: Vatican
The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
Twelfth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
02/10/2008: Italy
Sister Georgeanne Marie Donovan
New Congregational Leader of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary
01/10/2008: General House
Marist Spirituality
“Water from the Rock” to the laypeople employed by the General House
30/09/2008: Guatemala
Administration at the service of the Mission and its future
Study and proposals of models of administration
29/09/2008: Syria
Perpetual profession in Syria
The final yes of Br. Bahjat Azrié
29/09/2008: Cameroon
A personal reflection
Year of spirituality – retreat in Cameroon
26/09/2008: Madagascar
Year of Marist Spirituality
Water from the Rock Comes to Ihosy
26/09/2008: General House
Brother Ernesto Sánchez Barba
New Provincial of Mexico Occidental
25/09/2008: Peru
Let us go to meet the young people!
3rd Continental Meeting of Marist Youth Pastoral
24/09/2008: General House
Changing the Guard at the Generalate
Director and Econome Finish their Terms
23/09/2008: Cameroon
Year of Spirituality
Annual retreat in Cameroon
22/09/2008: Madagascar
«Brother, receive this book…»
Brothers’ retreat and Year of Marist Spirituality
19/09/2008: Italy
San Giorgio di Nogaro
A Street dedicated to Brother Giorgio Bigotto
18/09/2008: Ghana
Year of Marist spirituality
Ghana retreat - 4-21 August 2008
16/09/2008: Spain
A rather special honeymoon
Marist voluntary workers involved with the NGO SED
15/09/2008: Spain
Mediterranean Province
Project of vocation animation
12/09/2008: Cameroon
Year of Spirituality
Cameroun Retreat
11/09/2008: Tanzania
Br. Eugene Kabanguka visits Tanzania
New Marist Fraternity of Nyakato/Mwanza
10/09/2008: General House
Document of Mendes prepared by Marist Brothers and Lay people
Submission of FMS Message 38 and the Map of the Marist site
09/09/2008: Brazil
The wealth and challenges of the formation processes in Marist Brazil
National Meeting of Marist Formators of Brazil
07/09/2008: General House
New Hearts for a New World
Circular convoking the 21st General Chapter
05/09/2008: General House
From Mexico to Rome
Brother Victor Preciado Ramírez new Econome General
04/09/2008: Philippines
First steps
5th group in Davao
03/09/2008: Canada
To make visible the beauty of God in Mary
A Marial exhibition at Trois-Rivieres
02/09/2008: United States
Ad Gentes
Third group at the Monastery Community in Chicago
01/09/2008: Bangladesh
Mission Ad Gentes
Letter of Brother Hilario Schwab
30/08/2008: Brazil
3rd National Congress of Marist Education
Marist teachers and students together to reflect on education
29/08/2008: South Africa
A Marist School caring for the children of refugees
Sacred Heart College, Observatory, Johannesburg - The Three2Six School
28/08/2008: General House
A new generation of 22 Marist researchers
A course on Marist patrimony, in English
27/08/2008: Brazil
Br. Sebastian Antonio Ferrarini
New superior for the Marist District of Amazonia
26/08/2008: General House
Marist province of Brazil Centro-Sul
Br. Davide Pedri elected as Provincial
25/08/2008: Brazil
Drum beat along the Amazon
Vow Ceremony in Amaturá
24/08/2008: Thailand
Year of spirituality
Ad gentes retreat based on “Water from the Rock”
23/08/2008: Spain
Meeting of Brothers and Lay people in Valladolid
A retreat based on Water from the Rock
22/08/2008: Brazil
Sharing our joy, experiences and challenges
Marist Consecrated Life and Marist Laity of Brazil
21/08/2008: Ecuador
International experience of combined formation and charismatic vitality (3)
Sharing relationship processes with others, mission and combined formation
20/08/2008: General House
A commission completes the revision
Revision of chapter 4 of the Constitutions
18/08/2008: General House
Chapter Preparatory Committee
Fourth Working Session
16/08/2008: Bolivia
Third Provincial Chapter, Santa Maria del Los Andes Province
Peru, Bolivia and Chile: on the pathway of growth
13/08/2008: Colombia
Water from the Rock
How to Live Marist spirituality
08/08/2008: Philippines
Year of Spirituality
A quick reading of Water from the Rock in Manila
06/08/2008: General House
An alternative proposal
First communion in solidarity
05/08/2008: Philippines
Year of Spirituality
Marist spirituality in Philippines
04/08/2008: Australia
Witness of the four Marist branches
Marist presence at World Youth Day
01/08/2008: Argentina
XXI General Chapter – Initial Consultation
Meeting of the community leaders of Cruz del Sur
31/07/2008: South Africa
Sharing Our Call Workshop
Marist Educators in South Africa enthused by Champagnat’s Charism
30/07/2008: Thailand
Ad Gentes
Sector Ad Gentes Retreat and Assembly
29/07/2008: Australia
Sydney was a festival of youth
Some sequels to World Youth Day
28/07/2008: Brazil
Sharing happy experiences and challenges
Meeting on consecrated and lay life
26/07/2008: General House
43 brothers were sent on mission
A review of the success of the Mission ad gentes
25/07/2008: Australia
Impressions from Sydney
World Youth Day
24/07/2008: Ecuador
Sharing processes of faith and vocation
International experience of joint formation and charismatic vitality (2)
23/07/2008: Australia
World Youth Day begins
The International Marist Festival comes to an end
22/07/2008: Australia
Change the world! A Challenge on the part of Bishop Kevin Dowling
Marist International Festival - Third day
22/07/2008: India
Ad Gentes
India Celebrates the Founder’s Day
20/07/2008: Philippines
The presentation of the book Water from the Rock
The Notre Dame Kidapawan College Retreat
18/07/2008: General House
July to December 2008
Calendar of the Superior General and his Council
18/07/2008: Australia
Ignite the fire! Embrace the vision! Transform the world!
Marist International Festival - Second day
17/07/2008: Spain
Two months surveying horizons
El Escorial - Horizons course
16/07/2008: Australia
Ignite your hearts!
Marist International Festival - First day
15/07/2008: Brazil
The Teaching Profession in Information Societies: Profession and Mission
III FMS National Educational Congress
14/07/2008: General House
New provincials in Rome
A week to familiarise themselves with the work of the General Administration
14/07/2008: General House
New Director and new Bursar for the General House
The General Administration renews its troops
13/07/2008: Colombia
It’s time to return to the Father’s house
Letter from Br. Néstor Quiceno to his Provincial
11/07/2008: Ecuador
Recreating Marist life together”
The International experience concerning Processes of combined formation and charismatic Vitality
11/07/2008: Australia
Marist International Festival in Sydney
St. Joseph’s College welcomes the participants
10/07/2008: Australia
Just before International Youth Day
Marist Brothers’ International Youth Festival
09/07/2008: General House
Marist life
New Provincials
08/07/2008: Colombia
Marist Brothers’ Spirituality Year - Water from the Rock
First year scholastics offer their reflections
07/07/2008: General House
Ad gentes
A Visit from the Bishops of Bangladesh
07/07/2008: Madagascar
Testimony of Brother Tiana, a Marist from Madagascar
The first re-evangelisation among the Bara
04/07/2008: Cuba
Meeting of the Marist Alumni
02/07/2008: Portugal
A Changeover
Marist College of Carcavelos
01/07/2008: General House
Numbers 24 and 25 have been published
A double edition of the “Marist Notebooks “collection
01/07/2008: General House
About our Martyrs
A second numerous group of martyrs moves towards Beatification
30/06/2008: Philippines
Ad gentes
Ten brothers sent in Mission
27/06/2008: Brazil
Saint Marcellin Champagnat on the “Road of Divine Graces”
The Founder’s statue finds its place along the route of the pilgrims
27/06/2008: General House
A Year Consecrated to St. Paul
Celebration of the 2000th Anniversary of Paul
26/06/2008: Brazil
The teaching profession and its mission in an information society
Third National Education Conference, Marist Brothers
26/06/2008: Haiti
The celebration of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
25/06/2008: Spain
Postulation Team
Meeting in Madrid, 30th April – 4th May 2008
24/06/2008: Brazil
Rio Grande do Sul Province
One Hundred Years of FMS Presence in Lajeado
24/06/2008: Portugal
Echoes of a televised Mass
60 years of Marist Brothers presence in Portugal
23/06/2008: General House
Governance and Management
Meeting on Future directions for governance and management in the service of our mission
20/06/2008: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Fraternity in faith
Young people United for the Development and Promotion of the Works of the Marist Brothers
20/06/2008: General House
Preparing the future of the Marist charism
Secretariat of Lay
19/06/2008: Pakistan
6 June
Celebration of the Champagnat Day
18/06/2008: United States
The Marist leader as servant leader
North American Marist youth leadership conference
17/06/2008: Sri Lanka
Spirituality Document
‘Water from the Rock’ in Sinhala
17/06/2008: France
Blessing of a linden-wood sculpture of Marcellin
Feast of St. Marcellin in Aubenas
16/06/2008: General House
The Mission ad Gentes program increases its list
Missioning celebration for Brother Ticiano Cagigal to Angola
13/06/2008: Italy
Marist Sisters
28th General Chapter of the Marist Sisters
13/06/2008: Brazil
Evaluating the role of faith
The PUCRS works on its Reflection Plan
12/06/2008: General House
Exploitation must be eradicated through education
June 12: World Day Against Child Labour
11/06/2008: Vatican
Authority and Obedience
Instruction from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
10/06/2008: Colombia
We walk in faith, as brothers and sisters
Water from the Rock - Novitiate of Medellín
09/06/2008: Argentina
Preparing the XXI General Chapter
Meeting of Coordinators for Cono Sur and Brazil
06/06/2008: General House
Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
Message of Br. Seán Sammon
05/06/2008: Australia
A single national structure
Melbourne Province – Sydney Province
03/06/2008: Colombia
Marist Postulate Our Lady of L`Hermitage
Marist spirituality course with Br. Teófilo Minga
02/06/2008: Argentina
New life in the Province of Cruz del Sur
Perpetual profession of Br. Jorge Walder
30/05/2008: Colombia
Water from the Rock
Interprovincial Novitiate La Valla - Medellín
30/05/2008: United States
Province of United States
Esopus novitiate reopens!
29/05/2008: General House
The region of Marist Africa examines its financial policies
Meeting in Rome of the Provincial Economes from the region of Africa
28/05/2008: France
Memory of the beatification of Marcellin
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Chapel of Rosey
27/05/2008: Italy
An expanding experience
The first Marcelino, punto y seguido by the fraternities of Italy
27/05/2008: Argentina
Brothers and Laity
First Mission Assembly of the Province Cruz del Sur
26/05/2008: General House
The Brother Provincial Bursars of the region of Africa take part
Meeting of the International Council for Economic Affairs (CIAE)
26/05/2008: Colombia
Walking in Faith, as Brothers and Sisters
Course of Marist Spirituality at the Novitiate of Medellín
23/05/2008: General House
Starting again
Letter to the brothers in their middle age
22/05/2008: Canada
Marial Display at the Sanctuary of Beauvoir
Brothers Set Up Exhibition in Honor of Mary
21/05/2008: General House
The Vocation of the lay Marist
Meeting of the commission on the marist laity
20/05/2008: Paraguay
The Music of Spirituality
Brother Teófilo Minga Visits the Land of the Guarani
20/05/2008: General House
Champagnat was born on May 20, 1789
“Marist News”
19/05/2008: Brazil
Self-Knowledge, Formation, Spirituality, Ecclesiology and Integration
Course for Marist Leaders
16/05/2008: Paraguay
District of Paraguay
Year of Spirituality
16/05/2008: Spain
A New Idea about Formation
At Escorial - “Horizons” of Light and Hope
15/05/2008: Brazil
Honorary Certificate of the Ordre des Lanceiros de Osório
Award to Rector of PUCRS
15/05/2008: General House
New hearts for a new world
Motto of the 21st General Chapter
14/05/2008: Belgium
“Marists Together”
West-Central Europe Provincial Assembly
13/05/2008: General House
At a Glimpse
Busy Month at the Generalate
13/05/2008: New Zealand
We Have Seen Visions; We Have Dreamed Dreams
Enlarged General Council Oceania (IV)
12/05/2008: New Zealand
Extended General Council for Oceania (III)
12/05/2008: Colombia
A spirituality of simplicity
Three day course with Br. Teófilo
09/05/2008: Spain
Challenges for the poor
Social mission assembly of the Mediterranean Province
08/05/2008: General House
Some reactions of friends
May 8, 2008: 14th anniversary of Brother Henri Vergès’ death
08/05/2008: New Zealand
For greater vitality in the Marist region of Oceania
Extended General Council for Oceania (II)
07/05/2008: Argentina
Justice is the force for peace
Bureau for Respect and Dignity
06/05/2008: Chile
A Meeting in Pangal
Fraternities of Chile and Argentina Meet in a Fraternal Spirit
06/05/2008: New Zealand
New Zealand welcomes the Marist Superiors to Oceania
Extended General Council for Oceania (I)
05/05/2008: Italy
Signs of the tenderness of the Father, sustained by the tenderness of a Mother
Marist community of Taormina
05/05/2008: Colombia
“God’s faithfulness is great… his fidelity is incomparable”
Professions in the Province of Norandina
02/05/2008: Spain
Itineraries of Marist Spirituality
A Formational Proposal in the Marist Province of Compostela
30/04/2008: Peru
Sharing identity and spirituality
Young Brothers from Latin-American Cono Sur
29/04/2008: Brazil
The Scholasticate in Belo Horizonte
The Marist Family celebrates Easter
28/04/2008: Brazil
A time of change
Province of North Central Brazil
26/04/2008: Canada
The future starts today
The Marist Brothers in Canada support Vallée-Jeunessse, Québec
24/04/2008: Spain
“Interior Silence”, latest Marist music on CD
New Music from Kairoi
23/04/2008: Kenya
Bless the Lord
Musical CD of Continental Scholasticate in Nairobi
22/04/2008: Spain
Spreading the fire
Marist Vocation Ministry – International Meeting at Les Avellanes
21/04/2008: Mexico
Province México Occidental
Provincial Assembly, One Heart One Mission
15/04/2008: Spain
A portrait painted as a perpetual memorial
Permanent remembrance of Blessed Brother Angel Andres
14/04/2008: Canada
Brother Bernard Beaudin chosen to guide and encourage the Brothers
Appointment of the Provincial for the Province of Canada
11/04/2008: Spain
Let’s get moving!
Formation Meeting about Pastoral Ministry
09/04/2008: Italy
Water from the Rock
Retreat of the Marist Fraternity of Cesano Maderno Albiate
08/04/2008: Brazil
The FMS Amazonia District
The Marist Brothers’ Mission in Brazilian Amazonia
04/04/2008: General House
Youth Ministry with a Marist Flavor
Second Meeting of the International Committee of Marist Youth Ministry
03/04/2008: General House
FMS Message 37
Remembering the Beatification of 47 Marist Brother Martyrs
01/04/2008: Brazil
In memory of our martyrs to the Christian education of youth
Two chapels dedicated to Marist martyrs
28/03/2008: General House
Meeting of the Marist Branches regarding Patrimony
«Marist Notebooks» n° 24
27/03/2008: Canada
Year of Spirituality
Retreat in Charlesbourg
26/03/2008: Australia
To support the Provincial and his Council in their mission
Province and District Secretaries meeting Asia-Pacific in Sydney from with the Secretary General
23/03/2008: General House
Easter message 2008
Seán D. Sammon, FMS
17/03/2008: General House
Rebuilding hope
The Marist Tsunami Fund and its activities - Third Year Update
14/03/2008: General House
A community consisting of eight Brothers and four lay persons
First meeting of the members of the future community of N. D. de l’ Hermitage
14/03/2008: General House
A thousand Marist messages
Institute website celebrates landmark
13/03/2008: General House
Project of the Network of Marist Universities
University expert in
12/03/2008: Spain
Reminding Us of Mission and Charism
Brother Superior General Visits Mediterránea Province
11/03/2008: Spain
European mission team
European Marist Forum on evangelisation and care for the marginalised
10/03/2008: Portugal
Spirituality Year
Student Youth Ministers’ Formation at the Marist School in Lisbon
07/03/2008: Canada
Analysis of pastoral perspectives in Canada
The Ad gentes Community of Canada: a new step
07/03/2008: United States
Ad gentes project
A new group of brothers of the Ad gentes Mission in Chicago
06/03/2008: Spain
A place in our communities to dedicated lay people
Meeting of Mixed Communities
05/03/2008: Kenya
Bureau of International Solidarity (BIS)
Marist project for the Missionary Sisters of St. Theresa
04/03/2008: Spain
One, two, three... ten years of sharing hope
An Association dedicated to passing on hope in socio-educational spaces
03/03/2008: Philippines
Learning Gained through Experience
Mission Ad Gentes
02/03/2008: Italy
Manziana 2008
Mid-Life Spirituality Course. Manziana 2008
29/02/2008: General House
That all may have life
Representatives of the Brazilian Conference of Religious visit the Generalate
29/02/2008: Argentina
Province of
Meeting of Community Facilitators
28/02/2008: Greece
Former teacher at the Marist High School of Nea Smyrni
New Archbishop of Athens
28/02/2008: General House
A week of intense work together with the General Council
Second meeting of the preparatory Commission of the 21st General Chapter
27/02/2008: Sri Lanka
South Asia Province
First Professions in Sri Lanka
26/02/2008: General House
Preparing a new generation of Marist investigators
A course on the spiritual patrimony of the Institute
26/02/2008: General House
Fifteen days of prayer with Henri Vergès
New book of Br. Alain Delorme
25/02/2008: Italy
Marist Spirituality and the “Water from the Rock”
Mid-Life Spirituality Course. Manziana 2008
22/02/2008: Spain
Charism, leadership and renewal
Brother Sean Sammon, Superior General, writes for “Vida Religiosa”
22/02/2008: General House
Final decisions for getting the project underway
The Hermitage project enters final phase
21/02/2008: General House
Interview with Brother Pedro Herreros
Travellers in Hope, a translation commissioned by the Committee of Marist Patrimony
21/02/2008: General House
Laypeople and brothers regenerate together the Marist charism
Two experiences of joint formation and charismatic vitality
20/02/2008: Australia
An apology to the Indigenous peoples
Letter of the Conference of Religious of Australia
20/02/2008: Greece
A discussion on five points from Mendes
Our Marist mission in Greece
19/02/2008: General House
A new structure in the Institute
Enlarged Bureau of Laity
18/02/2008: General House
Future perspectives for the coming months
The winter sessions of the Council are over
18/02/2008: General House
Taking the pulse of the life of the Institute
Meeting of the General Council with the members of the General Administration
17/02/2008: United States
Marist young adult ministry
Advisory committee holds team building retreat
16/02/2008: Chile
Don Eulogio Heredia Arismendi has passed away
President of the World Union of Marist Alumni
15/02/2008: General House
Activities to be carried out in the period February - June
Brother Superior General and General Council’s Calendar
15/02/2008: Greece
His Beatitude Christodoulos opened “a new era of warm cooperation” with Catholics
The Orthodox Archbishop of Athens has passed away
14/02/2008: Brazil
Themes of vocation ministry in FMS Brazil up to 2014
Meeting of vocation directors of FMS Brazil
13/02/2008: France
The Chapel of Rosey celebrates
Preparations have begun to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Chapel
12/02/2008: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes
New Group in Davao
11/02/2008: France
One of the most visited shrines in the world
150th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Lourdes
08/02/2008: General House
Travellers in Hope - Something new for Marist patrimony
A history of the founders of the four Marist branches presented simultaneously
07/02/2008: Brazil
One Heart, One Mission
Interview with Dilma Alves Rodrigues, member of the preparatory Commission of the Assembly of Marist Mission
06/02/2008: General House
Marist International Mission Assembly
The Preparatory Commission and the General Council make an assessment of the Assembly in Mendes
05/02/2008: Spain
The HORIZONS Program
El Escorial Marist Spirituality Center
04/02/2008: Peru
Marist Brothers’ San José School
75 Years of Marist Brothers’ presence in Huacho
01/02/2008: General House
The branches of the Marist family prepare their General chapters
From the Superiors of the four Marist branches: a common letter
31/01/2008: General House
A sharing of programmes during the winter sessions
The Marist General Council receives the Marianists and the Brothers of the Christian Schools
30/01/2008: Vatican
It is now 2000 years since the birth of the Apostle to the Nations
The Pope proclaims the “Year of Saint Paul”
29/01/2008: General House
The General Administration has Mary of the Visitation as icon
Gratitude of the General Council to the Community of the General Administration
25/01/2008: Bangladesh
Mission ad Gentes
News from Dhaka
25/01/2008: Australia
Registration closes in February
Marist International Festival
24/01/2008: El Salvador
Vocation and Mission of Marist Laity
Marist Laity and the Aparecida document
23/01/2008: Chile
A First for Brothers in His Country
Brother Aldo Passalacqua Receives the Santo Tomás Prize
22/01/2008: Guatemala
Marist Formation in Central America
Meeting for teachers, youth ministries and Champagnat Fraternities
21/01/2008: Brazil
100 Years as “Marist”
Centenary of Archdiocesan School, San Paolo
18/01/2008: United States
The future for Marist life
Brother Albert Rivera professes perpetual vows
17/01/2008: Spain
A Testimonial in the Mediterránea Province
Remembering the Marist brother martyrs of Spain
16/01/2008: Brazil
Following Jesus in the spirit of the Year of Spirituality
Marist Province of North Central Brazil
15/01/2008: Zimbabwe
Harare: December 18 – 20, 2007
Second Meeting of the Africa Mission Team
14/01/2008: Madagascar
Brother Jean Albert Thomas Randrianantenaina new Provincial
Provincial Charter of Madagascar Province
11/01/2008: Brazil
Marist Mission
VI meeting of the Continental Team of Marist Mission in America
11/01/2008: Cuba
Christmas in Cuba
Brother Antonio Ramalho visits Cuba
10/01/2008: Spain
Brothers speak of its importance for personal renewal
The Escorial Experience
09/01/2008: Canada
«Water from the Rock» flowing to the heart
Canada Province
08/01/2008: Ecuador
Challenges and proposals for work in the coming years
Campus ministry and other pastoral teams meet youth and vocation ministry in Arco Norte
07/01/2008: Brazil
The Marist Brothers have a special importance in Brazil
Defending the Rights of Children and Adolescents
04/01/2008: Italy
Renew program for 20 brothers of 7 nationalities
Third age spirituality course for English speakers
03/01/2008: Kenya
Province of East Central Africa
Final profession of Brothers Eric and Hosea
02/01/2008: Vatican
A Historical First
Benedict XVI meets the local Postulators

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