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Saint Ambrose

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News - Archive 2009 (338)


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30/12/2009: Australia
Following the XXI General Chapter
Sydney Province Convocation
29/12/2009: Brazil
Top score obtained on evaluation
Pontifical university of Paraná - PUCPR
28/12/2009: Spain
Province of Mediterránea
Animation Team of the Fraternities (EAF)
27/12/2009: Mozambique
Eleven New Brothers
Matola Novitiate
25/12/2009: General House
Sadness should have no place on the birthday of life
Christmas Message of Br. Superior General
24/12/2009: General House
Brother Maurice Berquet appointed Provincial
New Provincial of the Province of the Hermitage
24/12/2009: General House
Brother Valentin sDjawu succeeds Brother Eugène Kabanguka
New Provincial for East Central Africa
23/12/2009: General House
Br. Pedro Sáncez de León
New Secretary General
23/12/2009: Venezuela
II National Meeting of Laity
Letter from the marist laity of Venezuela
22/12/2009: Mexico
Great and marvellous companion, apostle of education
Centenary of Brother Serafin García González
22/12/2009: Colombia
Brother Libardo takes up office as Provincial
III Provincial Chapter of Norandina
21/12/2009: Spain
On the way to a new land
Annual meeting of the European Council of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
21/12/2009: Netherlands
Brother Brendan Geary takes the place of Brother Joseph McKee
New Provincial for the Province of West Central Europe
20/12/2009: Brazil
The Provincial Chapter chooses the new Council
Beginning of a three year term, 2010-2012, in the Province « Rio Grande do Sul »
19/12/2009: Canada
So as to begin to appropriate its spirit
Day for community Animators
18/12/2009: Bolivia
Research the life of the youth
XVI Latin-American meeting of those in charge of the National Youth Ministry
18/12/2009: Brazil
Marist Province “Brasil Centro-Sul”
«Marist Hermitage 2009 »
17/12/2009: Brazil
The new Provincial takes up his charge
Provincial Chapter - «Brasil Centro-Norte»
17/12/2009: General House
The Document of the XXI General Chapter
Brother Emili Turú, Superior General, places the Document in the hands of the Brothers
16/12/2009: Mexico
A further step
Process of beatification of Br. Basilio
15/12/2009: France
John Craddock, Marist Fathers
Assistant priest of L’Hermitage
15/12/2009: Brazil
3rd Provincial Chapter
Major orientations of the Marist Network of Rio Grande do Sul
14/12/2009: Cuba
Formation directed towards young people
Diploma in Youth Ministry for Youth Animators
13/12/2009: France
D day has arrived
The new Hermitage community gets underway
11/12/2009: General House
07/10/2007 - 07/10/2008
63 echos of the Year of Spirituality
10/12/2009: General House
Assembly of the Union of Superior Generals
Br. Emili Turú elected member of the Executive Committee of USG
09/12/2009: Portugal
There was once a time… A World…
Matilde Rosa Araújo Literary Prize
09/12/2009: General House
Advent Solidarity
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale - FMSI
07/12/2009: Cambodia
Ad Gentes
Letter o Br. Agustí Cassú from Phnom Pehn
06/12/2009: Italy
A certain art in growing old
How a Brother’s life can be a full one
04/12/2009: General House
Pilgrimage … privilege - France, 7-15 November
The English Speaking Third Age Course
04/12/2009: United States
Province of United States of America
Brother Ben Consigli appointed as Provincial
03/12/2009: General House
Our first brothers, Marcellin’s marvellous company
Book by Br. Alain Delorme
02/12/2009: Spain
Marists and the Rights of Children
Manifesto in defence of the Rights of Children
01/12/2009: Spain
Sharing life between Brothers and laity
An experience based on the document Around the same table
29/11/2009: Sri Lanka
Build Bridges not Walls
Common Marist Postulancy in Tudella - Ja-Ela
28/11/2009: General House
Reflexions on a New World
Advent and Marist Solidarity 2009
27/11/2009: Spain
A great opportunity
Vocation Ministry
26/11/2009: Brazil
Moments lived in Rome
In the south of Brasil, Marists share experiences of the XXI General Chapter
25/11/2009: Argentina
The new Provincial takes possession
Provincial Chapter « Cruz del Sur »
24/11/2009: Brazil
« Best Universities 2009 » Prize
PUCRS recognized as the best private University of the year in Brazil
23/11/2009: Spain
Change of superior in the Province of Ibérica
Br. Ambrosio Alonso, new Provincial
21/11/2009: Mexico
New Provincial of México Occidental
Eduardo Navarro de la Torre
19/11/2009: Spain
Changes in the Province of Compostela
Òscar Vicario new Provincial
18/11/2009: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
On-going formation program
18/11/2009: General House
A Filipino assistant to the Econome General
Brother Roy Deita Reyes, new accountant for the General Administration
16/11/2009: General House
Changes and replacements
Communities of the General House
14/11/2009: General House
Editions Khaf (Editorial Group Luis Vives)
A new publication series
13/11/2009: Spain
Preparatory Assembly
International Encounter of Marist Youth - Preparatory Assembly
11/11/2009: Canada
A first in our Marist Province!
A week of reflexion and retreat at Valcartier
10/11/2009: Cambodia
A “United Nations” Pickup Truck
Ad Gentes Project in Cambodia
09/11/2009: General House
Eight thousand pages in ten volumes
Letters from Oceania received by the Marist Fathers
06/11/2009: Greece
The Role of the Marist Laity in Greece
Meeting of Brother Pau Fornells with lay people
05/11/2009: General House
Sharing lives
The English Speaking Third Age Course
04/11/2009: Brazil
March for Peace in Maceió
III Marist Art and Culture Exhibition
03/11/2009: Canada
Marial devotion
Marial exposition at the Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Saint-Damien
02/11/2009: Brazil
Launching of the review marking 4 years of UMBRASIL
Review Brasil Marista
29/10/2009: Philippines
This the way we bake our bread
Marist English Language Learning Program for Ad Gentes volunteer
28/10/2009: General House
The “Awakening” or “Dawn” Program
Curse “Amanecer“: Brothers of the “third age”
27/10/2009: Brazil
Marist Volunteers
Brothers and laity at Boa Vista
26/10/2009: General House
African Synod in Rome
Members of the African Synod visit the General House
22/10/2009: General House
Hail and farewell
Meeting of the General Council with General Administration Staff
21/10/2009: General House
November 2009 - April 2010
Most important dates in the calendar of the General Council
20/10/2009: General House
Gathered Around the Same Table
The Vocation of Champagnat’s Marist Laity
19/10/2009: Canada
Notre Dame de Grace Church
Marian Exhibit in Saguenay City, Quebec
15/10/2009: General House
WYD - Madrid 2011
International gathering of marist youth 2011 - Objectives
14/10/2009: Hungary
A Unique Marist School
Marist presence at the school Szent Pál de Karcag
13/10/2009: General House
Br. Henri Vergès and the Algerian martyrs
The cause of the martyrs of Algeria: meeting of the historians’ commission
10/10/2009: General House
Saturday, October 10th
Closing of the 21st General Chapter
09/10/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Two lay collaborators for Mission ad gentes
09/10/2009: General House
“Prepare for landing”
Friday, October 9th
08/10/2009: Lebanon
We are not “islands”
Lebanon-Syria: new animation team
08/10/2009: General House
Thursday, October 8st
Preparing for the end of the journey
07/10/2009: General House
Wednesday, October 8th
Papal audience
06/10/2009: Spain
Charismatic families in the church communion
2009 meeting of CHMMF of the Province of Iberica
06/10/2009: General House
Tuesday, October 6th
The Chapter on the home stretch
05/10/2009: United States
Marist leaders as prophets and mystics
Marist schools leaders gather for Marist Leadership Institute
05/10/2009: General House
2 - 4 October
Fifth week of sessions in sight
05/10/2009: General House
Monday, October 5th
Plan for the week remaining
03/10/2009: General House
Animated by hearts passionate
Brother Eugène Kabanguka presents to us the new Vicar General
03/10/2009: General House
New General Council
Members of the new General Council of the Marist Brothers
01/10/2009: Thailand
A World Fit for Children: Rights of the Child
Child Rights Training Bangkok 2009 by FMSI, Franciscans International, Edmund Rice International
01/10/2009: General House
Thursday, October 1st
On the threshold of electing the General Council
30/09/2009: General House
Wednesday, September 30th
On the final stretch, the elections for the General Council
29/09/2009: Nigeria
Marist laity
A brief history of activities of Marist laity in Africa
29/09/2009: General House
Superior General
Thank you message of Br. Emili Turú
29/09/2009: General House
Tuesday, September 29th
Relaying a stage of dead calm
28/09/2009: General House
Superiors of the Institute
Elections of the new Superior General and the new Vicar General
28/09/2009: General House
Monday, September 28th
Progress of the work groups
26/09/2009: General House
XXI General Chapter
Interview with Father J. Pedro Alarcón, chaplain to the Chapter
26/09/2009: General House
B. Emili Turú, Superior General - Br. Joseph Mc Kee, Vicar General
New Superiors of the Marist Institute
25/09/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Three young Brothers in the « Mission ad gentes » project
25/09/2009: General House
Thursday, September 24th
In the dynamic of the interim
24/09/2009: General House
Wednesday, September 23rd
The Chapter crosses the equator
23/09/2009: Pakistan

“Water from the Rock” in Urdu translation
22/09/2009: General House
Tuesday, September 22nd
Preparing a great symphony for the Marist world
21/09/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Perpetual Profession of seven Brothers in 2009
21/09/2009: General House
Monday, September 21st
Change of rhythm and content in the work of the capitulants
19/09/2009: General House
Saturday, September 19th
The laity deliver their message to the 21st General Chapter
18/09/2009: General House
A letter to the Central Commission
Continuing the search
17/09/2009: Brazil
Marist Mission– New forms of evangelization
Fifty years of foundation of the « Colégio São Francisco » of Chapecó
17/09/2009: General House
First consensus steps on the fundamental call
Thursday, September 17th
16/09/2009: General House
What God is asking of the Marists today
Wednesday, September 16th
15/09/2009: United States
New postulant
Initial Formation in the Province of the United States
15/09/2009: General House
A retreat from the hand of Mary
Day of reflection to clarify personal decisions
14/09/2009: General House
Marist Brothers Anniversary
Seventy-five Years in Uruguay
14/09/2009: General House
Something is moving in the Institute
Some portraits of the Marist world
13/09/2009: General House
What are our roads for the future?
The capitulants visit three ecclesial communities
12/09/2009: General House
September 12th
Election of the Central Commission / Meeting of the Marist Family
11/09/2009: Canada
16 to 20 August 2009
Meeting of Provincials of Arco Norte
11/09/2009: General House
From the Provisional Committee to the Central Commission
Global Plan of the Chapter
10/09/2009: General House
A Mass of the Marist world
Listening to the word of God incarnate in the Marist regions of the world
09/09/2009: General House
Brothers and laity: Now is the time!
Message of Brother Superior General to the Chapter
08/09/2009: Mozambique
A day with Water from the Rock
Novitiate of Matola
08/09/2009: General House
The contributions from the Marist world arrive in the chapter hall
Inauguration of the 21st General Chapter
07/09/2009: Mexico
Summer community for students
A proposal from the Province of México Occidental
07/09/2009: General House
A Meeting Place and Workspace
The Chapter Hall
07/09/2009: General House
A new step in prearations for the Chapter
The Committee to verify credentials begins work
07/09/2009: General House
Testing the electronic infrastructure
Warming up motors and hearts
06/09/2009: General House
Places for Meetings and Contacts
The General House Welcomes the Chapter
05/09/2009: General House
The hidden way of interior preparation
Resources and procedure for the way
04/09/2009: General House
A work of revision to facilitate the task of the Chapter
Pre-capitular Commission for the revision of the Constitutions and Statutes
04/09/2009: General House
An expansion of information
The service of communications during the Chapter
03/09/2009: General House
In her arms or in her heart
Brother Sean Sammon’s Circular on Mary
03/09/2009: General House
The Provisional Committee begins work
The Preparatory Commission of the Chapter concludes its mission
02/09/2009: Brazil
Living the Future Today
Meeting of Young Brothers - Brazil Centro Norte Province
01/09/2009: Argentina
New Leadership for Cruz del Sur Province
Brother Horacio Bustos Appointed Provincial
31/08/2009: Spain
New Leadership for Mediterranea Province
Antonio Gimenez de Bagues Appointed Provincial of the Mediterranea Province
31/08/2009: Brazil
Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Two Marist Brothers make perpetual profession
28/08/2009: General House
1st to 23rd September 2009
28th general Chapter of the Society of Mary
28/08/2009: General House
General House
Members of the General Administration in Rome
27/08/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro Norte »
First Forum on the joint formation of Brothers and Laity
26/08/2009: Greece
Christ at the centre, in the manner of Mary
Retreat with the Marist Brothers in Greece
25/08/2009: Mexico
News from the Province Mexico Central Province
Brother Ricardo Reynoso named new Provincial
24/08/2009: Argentina
Marist Province Cruz del Sur
Perpetual profession of Br. Pedro Chimeno
24/08/2009: Mexico
The participants comment
CEPAM course at Guadalajara
21/08/2009: Ghana
Accra - 3-8 August 2009
IV District Chapter – West Africa
20/08/2009: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte – to strengthen unity
Meeting of community superiors and economes
19/08/2009: General House
General Chapter - A quick look at the road travelled
Teodoro Grageda, Secretary of the Preparatory Commission of the 21st General Chapter
18/08/2009: Mexico
Diploma in Youth Ministry
Province of México Central and the Marist University of Querétaro
18/08/2009: Mozambique
Province of Southern Africa – Sector of Mozambique
Retreat on Marist spirituality
17/08/2009: Colombia
Marists, brothers and laity, journeying together
Provincial retreats in Colombia
14/08/2009: India
Ad Gentes
News from West Bengal
13/08/2009: Kenya
Formation Training Programme for Africa
African Religious Formators’ Graduation in Marist International Centre, Nairobi
12/08/2009: Canada
Mary in Art
Exhibit of Marial Art, Baie-Saint Paul (Quebec)
11/08/2009: Brazil
December 2009 - 2012
Br. Inácio Nestor Etges is the new Provincial
11/08/2009: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Norte 2009 - 2012
Br. Wellington Mousinho de Medeiros is the new Provincial
10/08/2009: Haiti
Five Young Haitians Make First Vows in Dame-Marie
First Professions in Haiti
08/08/2009: Tanzania
The Mission of the Marist Brothers
Africa Mission Team Holds 3rd Meeting
07/08/2009: Chile
The Mission of the Marist Brothers
Eighth Gathering of the Continental Team, Marist Mission in the Americas
05/08/2009: Spain
Living in New Times
Marist Brothers of Spain - Province Mission Teams
03/08/2009: General House
Teaching Religion in the School
Circular Letter from the Congregation for Catholic Education
31/07/2009: El Salvador
El Salvador Honors its Centenarian
Brother Julián Goñi Reaches a Hundred Years
30/07/2009: Ghana
St. Marcellin Champagnat School
Marist life in Kumasi
28/07/2009: General House
What we’ve done
Religious Life Commission
27/07/2009: Spain
Teachers College - Luis Vives University Salamanca
Marcellin Champagnat Documents (Cycle-A Course)
23/07/2009: Spain
One Heart, One Mission
Marist Brothers’ European Forum Evangelization and Concern for the Least Favored
22/07/2009: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes
Missioned the VI group of brothers in Davao
20/07/2009: France
Champagnat Day
Collège Champagnat of l’Arbresle (Lyon)
20/07/2009: General House
Gathered around the same table
The Vocation of Champagnat’s Marist Laity
17/07/2009: Ghana
3 novices from the province of Nigeria and 11 from the District of West Africa
First Religious consecration at the Marist Novitiate – Kumasi
16/07/2009: Spain

An experience for Brothers between 55 and 65 years of age
15/07/2009: General House
A full and fruitful work programme
Meeting of the International Patrimony Commission
14/07/2009: Greece
Spirit of ecumenism
Visit of the Greek Orthodox Primate to the Léonin High School in Néa Smyrni
13/07/2009: General House
New Postulator General of the Institute
Brother José María Ferre Vicedo replaces Brother Giovanni Bigotto
10/07/2009: General House
July to September 2009
General Council Calendar
09/07/2009: United States
Like Jesus, Mary, and Marcellin: becoming servant leaders
North American Marist Youth Leadership Conference
08/07/2009: Madagascar
5o years of marist presence in Antananarivo
07/07/2009: General House
Meeting with General Administration Staff
Council’s Summer Session Ends
06/07/2009: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Provincial meeting of the ChMMF of Rio Grande do Sul
04/07/2009: Philippines
29 Student Brothers and 8 Staff Brothers
The community of Marist Asia Pacific Center (MAPAC)
03/07/2009: General House
A Mass of Thanksgiving for Eight Years of Service
The General Council at St. Peter’s Tomb
02/07/2009: Australia
Progress in closer co-operation throughout the region
The Marist Brothers Oceania Council
30/06/2009: General House
XXI General Chapter
Animation team
30/06/2009: General House
A mission at risk
15th anniversary of the deaths of Brs. Chris Mannion and Joseph Rushigajiki
29/06/2009: Mexico
In Mexico
The Generous “Yes” of Six Little Brothers of Mary
28/06/2009: Cambodia
Carried on his shoulders
Community of Phnom Penh – Ad Gentes
26/06/2009: Australia
Marist presence in Thursday Island
Four administrative units coming together in an Oceania Region project
26/06/2009: General House
Call to the 21st General Chapter
The process of joint formation of lay people and brothers
25/06/2009: General House
XXI General Chapter
Provisional Committee charge of directing the initial work of the Chapter
24/06/2009: Australia
Interprovince Novitiate Canberra
A new novice in Australia
23/06/2009: Philippines
The Society of Mary and the Brothers of Davao
Experience of the Brothers of the VI Mission ad gentes group
22/06/2009: General House
XXI General Chapter
VII meeting of the Preparatory Commission
19/06/2009: Australia
Towards a 2020 Vision Conference
Conference - July 8 – 11, Templestowe, Melbourne
19/06/2009: General House
Brother Eduardo Navarro replaces Brother Javier Espinosa
New director for Escorial’s Spirituality Center
18/06/2009: Canada
The experience of Saint Paul Trois Châteaux
A voice coming from Canada
17/06/2009: Mexico
More than the results, it is the road that transforms us
16/06/2009: France
Immersion Reflection
Experience a Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux
12/06/2009: Solomon Islands
Project Sankamap
A Solidarity Project of the Marist Oceania Council
11/06/2009: France
Let all the earth be marist
Meeting of combined formation for Brothers and Lay people
10/06/2009: General House
Some martyrs rediscovered
Brothers who were killed in Peking in 1900
09/06/2009: Mexico
Spaces of encounter, for a new world
National Assembly of New Marist City
09/06/2009: Colombia
Listening for God’s footsteps in our life
« La Valla » Interprovincial Novitiate, Medellín
08/06/2009: General House
Water from the Rock
Second session on Marist spirituality
06/06/2009: General House
Feast of St. Marcellin Champagnat
Br. Seán D. Sammon, Superior General
05/06/2009: Guatemala
Searching and listening to the XXI General Chapter
Intercommunity Meeting
04/06/2009: France
Formation at Saint Paul Trois Châteaux – Experience of solidarity
Gabriel Rosset, a lay marist avant la lettre
03/06/2009: El Salvador
Pilgrims on the Journey to the XXI General Chapter
Marist communities met in Talnique
02/06/2009: General House
The International Catholic Office for Children (BICE)
Worldwide Call for a New Mobilization in Favor of Children
01/06/2009: General House
Pre-Chapter Commissions
The capitulants proceed with their work programmes
31/05/2009: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternity of Our Lady of the Assumption completes 20 years
29/05/2009: Brazil
Perpetual profession of two Brothers
Marist Province of Central-South Brasil
28/05/2009: Guatemala
Six Provinces from the Northern Arc to Guatemala
Regional Meeting preparing for the XXI General Chapter
27/05/2009: General House
An Initiative of Former Marist Students of Malaga
Establishment of the Mediterranean Federation of Former Marist Students
26/05/2009: Brazil
New hearts for a new world
Meeting of the Region of Brasil to prepare the XXI General Chapter
25/05/2009: Brazil
V Provincial Meeting
Marist Fraternities of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
22/05/2009: General House
Our website expands, now offering a new service
Archives of the Institute in Digital Format
20/05/2009: France
Recreating Marist life together
International experience on processes of joint formation and charismatic vitality
19/05/2009: Spain
Los Negrales - April 23 to June 21, 2009
“Umbrales” - A course offered to Brothers between the ages of fifty and (about) seventy
18/05/2009: Argentina
Regional meeting in Buenos Aires
The Cono Sur region prepares for the 21st General Chapter
16/05/2009: France
Ready and Willing to Serve
Marists of Lagny, France - Fraternity and Community
15/05/2009: France
Phase of integration and the participants getting to know one another
Experience of joint formation at Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux
14/05/2009: Venezuela
New Hearts for a New World
IV Interamerican Meeting on Marist Apostolic Spirituality
13/05/2009: Philippines
To experience community, prayer and apostolic life
Summer Vocation Workshop / Seminar 2009
12/05/2009: General House
The vocation of the Marist laity
Fourth meeting of the writing commission
11/05/2009: Spain
Mount Gilboa, or Putting off the Ties that Bind Us
Final Mountain Top of the Horizons’ Program
09/05/2009: Algeria
Between lines, between lives
Actual experience of our Brothers
08/05/2009: France
Espira-de-l’Agly, 26th April 2009
The Marist Fraternity celebrates its Twenty Years
07/05/2009: Lebanon
One Hundred Years of Marist Presence in Lebanon
Centenary of the Schools in Jbail and Amchit
06/05/2009: Spain
Marist Europe prepares for the General Chapter
Meeting of European Provincial Councils and capitulants
05/05/2009: Kenya
A present for the provinces of Africa
« Water from the Rock » – Popular edition for Africa
04/05/2009: United States
A fund Raising
Program in support of Mission ad Gentes
30/04/2009: Madagascar
Community Leadership
Province Retreat Madagascar
29/04/2009: Spain
Study the Statute of Provincial Secretary
Provincial Secretaries of Europe at Guardamar
28/04/2009: Australia
Together in Mission, daring in hope
Marist mission assembly in the Sydney Province
27/04/2009: Sri Lanka
The life of a Marist apostle
Marist spirituality seminar
25/04/2009: France
International experience on processes of joint formation and charismatic vitality
26 April – 18 May
24/04/2009: Cambodia
Mission Ad Gentes
Pailin, the brothers move
24/04/2009: Mexico
Preparation for the General Chapter
Meeting of Marists in formation in Mexico
23/04/2009: Ecuador
Family Spirit in the Marist style
Meeting of Marist laity and brothers in Ecuador
23/04/2009: Madagascar
An authentic manifestation of faith
Palm Sunday in Antsirabe
22/04/2009: Spain
A dream of Champagnat
Opening of the “Champagnat Home” of Torrente
22/04/2009: Australia
Mendes to Melbourne and Beyond
Melbourne Australia 24th-26th March 2009
21/04/2009: Brazil
Rio Grande do Sul Province
Brothers and Lay People at the Provincial Assembly
21/04/2009: Pakistan
Weekend session in Peshawar
Water from the Rock - Province of South Asia
20/04/2009: Cuba
First Profession in Cuba
Interview with Brother Jesus Bayo
20/04/2009: General House
Saint Peter’s clothed in scaffolding
A message from the canonization - Seán D. Sammon, FMS
18/04/2009: General House
But today… ?
Ten years on from the Canonization (VIII)
17/04/2009: General House
But today, what remains of the flame?
Ten years on from the Canonization (VII)
17/04/2009: Cuba
First profession of Br. Yoandi González
Marist life returns to Cuba
16/04/2009: Greece
The spirituality of St Marcellin Champagnat
Marist educational community of Athens
16/04/2009: General House
XXI General Chapter
Duration of the Chapter
15/04/2009: General House
An event which fills us with joy
Meeting of a group of brothers and lay people of Catalonia : week-end at Les Avellanes
14/04/2009: Uruguay
Anniversary festivities get under way
Marist Brothers - 75 Years in Uruguay
14/04/2009: General House
Recovering the riches of the Founder
Ten years on from the Canonization (VI)
12/04/2009: General House
Br. Seán Sammon, Superior General
Easter Message 2009
10/04/2009: General House
Let’s dare to be Champagnat today!
Ten years on from the Canonization (V)
09/04/2009: Malawi
Champagnat: faith in action
Horizons program – Water from the Rock
09/04/2009: Pakistan
… A moment of grace to meet and know God
Water from the Rock
08/04/2009: General House
A family sanctity
Ten years on from the Canonization (IV)
08/04/2009: General House
International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE)
The World Appeal to a New Mobilization for Childhood
07/04/2009: General House
A sounding of Marcellin’s sanctity
Ten years on from the Canonization (III)
07/04/2009: General House
The First Profession
Korea Sector of the East Asia Province
06/04/2009: General House
The event of the Canonization
Ten years on from the Canonization (II)
06/04/2009: Brazil
Brazil and Southern Cone
Meeting of the animators of the preparation process of preparation for the XXIst General Chapter
03/04/2009: General House
People invited to the XXI General Chapter
The General Council invites 2 brothers and 10 laypeople to the Chapter
02/04/2009: General House
Brother John Klein
Institute’s new General Secretary
01/04/2009: India
Marist Spirituality: A Spirituality of Passion and Compassion
Personal Reflection on ‘Water from the Rock’
31/03/2009: General House
What does dialogue with the modern world mean
Brother Seán Sammon’s presentation to the UISG
31/03/2009: General House
Marcellin is present
Ten years after the canonization (I)
30/03/2009: Pakistan
‘All can be moments of grace to meet and Know God’
Session on Water from the Rock
27/03/2009: Guatemala
Bringing Dreams to Life
The Expanded Secretariat for the Laity holds meeting in Central America
26/03/2009: Guatemala
Perspectives on the administration and management of Marist brothers’ educational works
Meeting on Mission and management
25/03/2009: Brazil
Fiftieth anniversary of the PUC of Paraná
Brother Seán Sammon Doctor honoris causa
24/03/2009: Malawi
An Interview with the Manziana Team
Horizons Programme, Nyungwe
23/03/2009: Malawi
A call and a responsibility
Horizons Program: Sharing our spirituality
20/03/2009: Kenya
Report of brother Procurator General
Seminar on canon law in Nairobi
19/03/2009: Guatemala
“Animating the life of our communities”
Meeting of community animators from the Province of Central America
18/03/2009: Kenya
Marist international Center (MIC)
78 Brothers from the Three African Novitiates
17/03/2009: Kenya
Preparation for the General Chapter
Meeting of the Capitulants from the African continent
16/03/2009: Spain
Province of Mediterránea
Summary of the year of spirituality activities
13/03/2009: Malawi
Encountering God from “Water from the Rock“
Horizons programme
12/03/2009: Brazil
Called to Live the Mission
Marist Vocation Ministry in Rio Grande do Sul
11/03/2009: Spain
A spiritual journey for 19 brothers coming from different countries of the Marist Provinces.
The « Horizontes » course at Los Negrales
10/03/2009: Brazil
The Marist Union of Brazil goes ahead
5th ordinary General Assembly of UMBRASIL
09/03/2009: United States
That I might follow Christ in this community of Marist Brothers
USA Province welcomes new novice
06/03/2009: General House
Services of the Institute available to provinces and districts
New Provincials Meet with the General Administration
05/03/2009: Brazil
Called by the FMSI Onlus, to coincide with the World Social Forum
Meeting of representatives of Marist Solidarity Organisations
04/03/2009: Colombia
“Mary—her simple ‘yes’ lights up our lives”
A new year … some new novices
03/03/2009: France
My vocation as a researcher
A testimony of Brother Alexandre Balko
02/03/2009: Australia
Shaping the future of Marist Mission
From Mendes to Melbourne - Melbourne 24th - 26th March 2009
27/02/2009: General House
A document which brings together the voices of the Marist world
Guidelines for reflection prior to the XXI General Chapter
26/02/2009: Canada
In the school setting
Board of Education of Quebec City
25/02/2009: Australia
Victorian bushfires
Marist Bushfire Assistance Fund
24/02/2009: Philippines
From Davao prison
Brother Juan Castro’s experience - Mission ad Gentes
23/02/2009: General House
Letters of Marist missionaries in Oceania 1836-1854
A work which casts light on the history of our origins and the history of Oceania
20/02/2009: General House
Infrastructures for the Celebration of the Chapter
Sixth Meeting of the Preparatory Commission of the General Chapter
20/02/2009: General House
Good News for the Global Village
World Social Justice Day
19/02/2009: General House
Preparations advance
Meeting on Mission and management will take place in Guatemala
18/02/2009: Brazil
Another World Is Possible
The Marist World Social Forum
17/02/2009: General House
Booklet Now Available in the Four Official Languages of the Institute
“15 days of prayer with Henri Vergès”
16/02/2009: Malawi
Vocational growth and commitment
The Horizons Programme in Malawi
16/02/2009: Chile
“Men integrated and integrating”
The Meeting of Community Animators in Limache (January 15th - 25th) - Part II
14/02/2009: General House
Special Olympics World Games – Winter 2009
“Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà – onlus”
13/02/2009: Brazil
First religious profession
Marist district of Amazonia
13/02/2009: Philippines
Experience and Youth
Mission ad Gentes Davao - Group 6
12/02/2009: Spain
An Initiative of the Institute for Marist Studies in Salamanca
Champagnat Documentation Course
11/02/2009: Mexico
“One in heart, we look to the future.”
Meeting of Youth Ministers, Central Mexico Province
10/02/2009: Spain
Meeting of facilitators
European Preparation for the General Chapter
09/02/2009: France
The place where Marcellin Champagnat was born
A New Zealand archbishop at le Rosey
09/02/2009: Venezuela
The founding elements of Marist spirituality
Reflections after a retreat on Water from the Rock
08/02/2009: Haiti
Profession in the City of Dame-Marie
Haiti – Canada - Mexico
06/02/2009: Switzerland
Ending global poverty is not a luxury but a duty
162 Catholic charitable organizations associated at Davos
06/02/2009: Canada
Exhibition of Christmas cribs
The Marist Brothers at Château-Richer
05/02/2009: Brazil
World Social Forum
Marist representatives from America take part in the WSF 2009
05/02/2009: Brazil
Spiritual retreats
Retreats in the Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
04/02/2009: Nigeria
Marist Province of Nigeria
Closing of the Year of Spirituality
03/02/2009: El Salvador
Here I am, Lord !
First Professions Central American
03/02/2009: Spain
Open House – “Step by Step”
Christmas at La Mariola
02/02/2009: Chile
“Men of integrity and integration”
The Meeting of Community Animators in Limache (January 15th - 25th)
31/01/2009: Peru
Open Letter to Marist Brothers and Marist Lay People
Chosica, Peru: January 13, 2009
30/01/2009: General House
Meeting with the General Administration
Report of the General Council following the winter session
30/01/2009: Brazil
Marist solidarity activity in America
IIIrd Inter-American Meeting « Hearts in solidarity »
29/01/2009: General House
A Digital Research Tool
Indexing the Bulletins of the Institute
29/01/2009: General House
Travel, visits, meetings: February to June 2009
Calendar: Brother Superior General and his Councilors
28/01/2009: General House
The Mirror of the Martyrs
Thoughts on our Martyrs
27/01/2009: Brazil
Br. Joaquim Clotet, Rector of PUCRS
Charles Robert Darwin - 200 years
27/01/2009: Venezuela
In the flow of Water from the Rock
Retreat for Brothers and Lay Marist people in Los Teques
26/01/2009: General House
On behalf of poor children and young people
Institute’s new liaison with the UN Human Rights Council
23/01/2009: Spain
European Council of the MCHFM
The Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family in Europe
22/01/2009: Angola
Evangelical use of goods
Retreat of the Angola Sector
21/01/2009: Venezuela
Water from the Rock, life-giving spring!
Retreat for Brothers and Lay Marist people in Los Teques
20/01/2009: General House
Celebration of God’s fidelity towards the Institute
Fifty years of religious life at the General House
19/01/2009: Australia
A work in Progress
Oceania Partnership Commission
17/01/2009: General House
Meeting of the historians’ committee
The cause of our martyrs in Algeria
16/01/2009: Brazil
Marist Province of Central-South Brazil
Provincial Chapter
14/01/2009: Argentina
Retreat on Water from the Rock
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
13/01/2009: Guatemala
Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ
Perpetual profession
12/01/2009: Spain
El Escorial
The « Senderos » Program Successfully Draws to a Close
11/01/2009: Brazil
Marist Province Central-South Brazil
Retreat and Provincial Assembly
10/01/2009: Brazil
North Central Brazil Marist Province
First Religious Profession
09/01/2009: Mexico
Provincial Chapter of Mexico Occidental
New Brother Provincial takes office
08/01/2009: Colombia
Vows Professed Norandina Province
Proclaim your love in the morning
06/01/2009: General House
Centenary of the Bulletin of the Institute
A century of history in 31 volumes
05/01/2009: Spain
The Identity of the Brother’s Vocation in the Contemporary World
Young Brothers Gather in Alcalá de Henares
04/01/2009: General House
Meeting from SED and FMSI Onlus
Exchange information and develop synergies
03/01/2009: Spain
Meeting of the Fraternities of the Mediterranean Province
A meeting to encourage growth
02/01/2009: General House
Celibate Chastity - an Affair of the Heart
New Article by Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General

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