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22 January

Saint Vincent, deacon, martyr
1881, Brother François, first Superior General of the Marist Brothers, died at the Hermitage in France
1991 Decree on the heroicity of virtues of Brother Alfano Vaser
1881, Brother François, first Superior General of the Marist Brothers, died at the Hermitage in France

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Within the fundamental call of the XXI General Chapter, we felt that the purpose of the Bureau of the Laity is to promote in the Institute “a new relationship between Brothers and laity, seeking, in communion, a greater vitality for the charism in today’s world”.
Proposal of a Marist
Life Project in Fraternity
Marist Marist Marist
Message of
Br. Emili Turú
Gathered around
the same table

Circular of Br. Charles
Howard about the ChMMF

Marist Marist Marist
  1. Living the Marist charism with others
  2. An Approach to the Identity of the Lay Marist
  3. Growing openness to the Laity and the process of coming to a new understanding of the meaning of our Brotherhood
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MaristLexicon Project

Going out to new lands, as the XXI General Chapter asked us to do, has led us to walk hopefully within the framework of a new relationship between brothers and laity based on communion. This process is slowly taking shape and developing its own face. It has led us to reinterpret, in the light of the new relationship, terms like charism, vocation, communion, etc. New expressions have also emerged, such as shared charism, joint formation, joint vocations ministry, new way of being brothers... (read more)

Bulletin of the Secretariat of Laity


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27/12/2019: Brazil
Youth groups living the Marist charism
First gathering of the Farol Movement based around the sharing of life stories
22/10/2019: El Salvador
Putting our faith in the youth
Meeting of Brothers and Laity
18/10/2019: Philippines
Itineraries for vocations, commitments and joint formation
Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
18/10/2019: France
Regional Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Representatives from six CMMF fraternities meet at La Neylière
17/10/2019: General House
Manu Gómez Cid
New Co-Director of the Secretariat for the Laity
12/09/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Sul-Amazônia
Provincial Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
03/09/2019: Italy
In Mary’s way
Retreat of Brothers and Lay People
26/08/2019: El Salvador
Breaking the usual routines
The Marist laity of El Salvador gathered for a spirituality journey
07/08/2019: Guatemala
Life Project in Fraternity
The Champagnat Movement in the Province of Central America
26/07/2019: El Salvador
Animate, promote and accompany
Meeting of Animators of Fraternities of the CMMF