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26 September

Saints Cosmas and Damian
1889: The first Marist Brothers left for Colombia
1980: Brother Basilio participated in the Vatican at the Synod of the family
1968: The first Marist Brothers left for Paraguay (Brothers Juan Cruz Arbiol, Feliz Aldunate and Santiago Sánchez) from the port of Barcelona
2009: Br. Emili Turù elected Superior General

Marist Calendar - September

Meeting of the Secretariat on the Laity


Animation Plan of the Secretariat for the Next Three Years

01/10/2010: General House

A meeting of the Secretariat on the Laity took place during the week of September 13-18, 2010 in order to plan out the animation of Marist Laity for the next three years. Participants at the meeting were Javier Espinosa, the new Director of the Secretariat, the two new co-directors Ana Sarrate and Tony Clark, the new liaison of the General Council, Antonio Ramalho, all recently nominated for this service, and Linda Corbeil and Brother Afonso Murad, who were already acting as members of the enlarged Secretariat. The objective of the meeting was to come up with the Animation Plan of the Secretariat for the next three years. It would be a kind of road map or path way.After a week of intense work, the central reference point that will steer of the Secretariat has been defined, in the Plan of animation. This road map is inspired by the fundamental call of the 21st General Chapter. For the Secretariat the call includes the challenge to contribute to the birth of a new epoch for the Marist charism; to bring to life and to solidify a new relationship between the Brothers and the laity, to visualize the Marist future as a communion of people in the charism of Champagnat.This Plan conceived by the Secretariat is a first draft to be discussed and enriched with the echoes of laity and brothers in the following months before being presented to the General Council in its session during the month of January 2011 for its approval.We are now able to single out some highlights of the Plan: A firm support and development of the Marist lay vocation; the priority for the formation process; to utilize and benefit from the role of the laity and the growth in communion (unity); to work in conjunction with the Plan of the General Council, and of other Secretariats, especially with “The Brothers Today”; to define the functions and responsibilities of the co-directors; to better unify the laity in different regions; to broaden the Secretariat with a representative from each region of the Institute; to propose the revision of the Project for life of the Champagnat Movement.The meeting in Rome was done in an atmosphere of intense work, and in great fraternity and communion (unity). The support and work of Brother Afonso Murad which he gave during his time is the Secretariat are greatly appreciated and acknowledged. We remember with gratitude Brother Pau for all his initiatives and work these past years.During this time the Secretariat was in contact with Brother Charles Kitson, who is responsible to the Association of Christian and Montserrat Schools, co-secretary, as well as with the community of San Egidio, with the aim of maintaining dialog with the lay movements of other institutions or groups.

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