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Chronicle of the 4th week in San Martino a Monte - From May 30 to June 5, 2016

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10/06/2016: Italy

We spent the week of May 30 to June 5 being accompanied by two Divine Word Fathers, Tim Norton and Fernando Diaz. With great sensitivity, a great sense of brotherhood and a deep analysis, they helped us to reflect on different themes: who am I? The identity, who is the other? Otherness, what do I want to live with the other? The relationship and the expression of multiculturalism as the encounter with "the different other."

The Gospel of Luke, through several passages, allowed us to reflect on Jesus, who, moved by the Spirit, transgressed the culture of his time to a greater fidelity; the Kingdom of God.

Jesus transgressions are always in favor "of the other", the most vulnerable; and they always go in the direction of rupture and continuity. The "other" helps us to discover who we really are. The key is to approach, in a symmetrical relationship, engagement with life by maintaining the differences.

The proposed International Community has a lot to do with it because we recognize ourselves as moved by the Holy Spirit. We know that we are called to open ourselves to the “other”, especially the most vulnerable, to dialogue and, from the meeting, to share life and faith.

The context of "Inter" within this proposal (intercultural, inter-gender, generational) opens a loophole by which life can grow and allow us to discern together what needs to change, what we must do and what is to be given  "continuity" in order to be faithful to the Spirit.

The presence of the Fathers allowed the celebration of two Masses which were profound moments of communion for each of us.

The week ended with the presentation of the Marist region of Europe-Africa. Participants in this region shared the historical and geographical reality as well as the type of presence and mission. Everything was accompanied by beautiful images, music, dancing and great food.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this week a beautiful time.

Verónica Rubí

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