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Catechetics Program Province Cruz del Sur

25/06/2014: Argentina

We wish to share with the Champagnat Marists of the world, especially the Spanish speakers, a catechetics program about Marcellin Champagnat and the Marist charism developed by the  Province of Cruz del Sur for children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18.

This is the realization of a project which emerged in 2011, the year the province of Cruz del Sur designated the year of Marist discipleship. It was designed by a group of catechists and pastoral   animators, lay women and men and brothers. The work required two years of study and work and one year of trial and corrections. This year, the material offered is more complete, co-ordinated and in sequence.

What it involves is a program of 65 sessions intended to make known the life of Saint Marcellin, the first Brothers and some characteristic features of the Marist charism to the youngsters in our schools and works. Five sessions a year, from preschool at 5, through primary education up to the last year of secondary which with us ends at 18, just before entrance to university. As it is a course to be followed through, the sessions are ordered by topic and adapted pedagogically to each age group. The thought is to hold them principally during the Champagnat month which we begin each year on 20 May and conclude at the end of June.

The complete content of the program has been made available to everyone through the project web site:   www.itinerariochampagnat.org  to assure the dynamic this type of program requires today and the flexibility of the material, which is under continual development due to the contributions of the catechists and pastoral animators who are implementing it. You can find there an introductory diagram showing the sequence and logic connecting the itinerary, the material with all the sessions clearly described, and the links to all the materials necessary for their development: originals for photocopying, images, digital presentations, videos, music, everything. 

It is the desire of all taking part in the implementation of this program that it be of use to many catechists and pastoral agents in making Jesus Christ known and loved through the life and work of   Saint Marcellin, our first Brothers and some features of the charism to which we are especially sensitive today. It would be very gratifying to find you visiting the site, but even more so to see you enriching it with your comments and contributions, with new material and new ideas. All are invited to take part!

Champagnat Itinerary Team
Province of Cruz del Sur

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