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18 June

St. Elizabeth of Schoenau
1900: the first Brothers leave for Bom Principio, Brazil

Marist Calendar - June

Marist Bulletin - Number 133



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In this Marist Bulletin we are publishing the Marist Calendar for April, which appears each day on our web site www.champagnat.org

1 1939: End of the Spanish Civil War, in which 172 Marist Brothers shed their blood – “The Church today looks to you with confidence and expects you to be the people of the Beatitudes! John Paul II’s Message for World Youth Day 18
2 International Children’s Book Day – Friday in Lent - “The Son upon the Cross can pour out his suffering into his Mothers heart. Every child who suffers experiences that need.” John Paul II
3 International Day of Radio – 1903: The French government notified Marist leaders of the Decree banning the Institute in that country, an action affecting about 600 schools - Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for the Marist Family
4 Palm Sunday – 1922: Pope Pius IX approved the Marist Brothers’ Constitutions – 1968: Martin Luther King was assassinated - 19th World Youth Day on the theme: We want to see Jesus.
5 Monday in Holy Week – 1st Monday in April: remembrance of deceased Marists - “In Marys school, you will discover the specific commitment that Christ expects of you.” John Paul II
6 Tuesday in Holy Week - “Dear young people, you know that Christianity is not an opinion nor does it consist of empty words. Christianity is Christ!” Jn Paul II
7 Wednesday in Holy Week – Feast of St. John Baptist De La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools – World Health Day
8 Paschal Triduum: Holy Thursday – Fraternal Love Day – “To meet Jesus, to love him and make him loved: this is the Christian vocation.” John Paul II
9 Paschal Triduum: Good Friday – 1883: Br. Nestor, 3rd Superior General of the Institute, died in Saint-Genis Laval, France.
10 Paschal Triduum: Holy Saturday – Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for the Marist Family - “Through her intercession, Mary forms in you a disciples heart able to listen to her Son.” John Paul II
11 Easter Sunday – Brother Seán: “What is asked of us today is a revolution of the heart. Simply put: we must fall in love with God, once again.”
12 Monday of Easter Week – “To recite the Rosary means to learn to gaze on Jesus with his Mother’s eyes.” John Paul II
13 “Do not be ashamed to recite the Rosary alone, while you walk along the streets to school, to the university or to work, or as you commute by public transport.” John Paul II
14 “With her, the sorrowful Mother, you will accompany Jesus in his passion and death.” John Paul II
15 1844: The Brothers of Viviers, France joined the Marist Institute.
16 “My dear young people, only Jesus knows what is in your hearts and your deepest desires. Only He, who has loved you to the end (cf. Jn 13,1).” John Paul II
17 Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for the Marist Family - International Day of Action for Farmers’ Struggles – 1945: Br. Michaelis resigned as Vicar General of the Brothers and was replaced by Br. Marie Odulphe
18 2nd Sunday of Easter – 1999: Pope John Paul II canonized St. Marcellin – 1907: Br. Theophane, 4th Superior General of the Institute, died in Mataró, Spain
19 Pan-American Day of Native Peoples
20 1847: Br. Jacinto was assassinated in St. Christopher, Solomon Islands – 1955: St. Marcellin’s remains were exhumed a second time
21 1851: Br. Joche Albert was shot to death in Si-Chiang, China
22 Earth Day – “In these times threatened by violence, hatred and war, you must witness that he and he alone can give true peace to the heart of individuals, families and peoples on this earth.” John Paul II
23 St. George, Martyr – International Book and Intellectual Property Rights Day – World Day of Scouts
24 Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for the Marist Family - “No one apart from Christ can give you true happiness. By following the example of Mary, you should know how to give Him your unconditional ‘yes.’ John Paul II
25 3rd Sunday of Easter – St. Mark, the Evangelist – 1932: The first Marist Brothers set out for Guatemala – African Day for the Eradication of Malaria
26 1862: The first Marist Brothers arrived in Ireland
27 Mental Illness Day– “Humanity is in urgent need of the witness of free and courageous young people who dare to go against the tide and proclaim their personal faith in God, Lord and Savior.” John Paul II
28 1841: St. Peter Chanel, a Marist priest, was martyred on the Island of Futuna
29 International Day of Dance and of the Social Communications Media – 1991: Br. Moisés Cisneros was murdered in Guatemala – 1836: Pope Gregory XVI approved the priests branch of the Society of Mary – 1937: Marist Brothers began their work in Holland
30 “Courageously proclaim that Christ, who died and is risen, has vanquished evil and death!” John Paul II – Tomorrow, May 1st, begins the month specially dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

6 june 2003 – 6 june 2004


Avant que cause soit examinée par le diocèse où le serviteur de Dieu est décédé on demande à des théologiens et à des historiens d’examiner les écrits du serviteur de Dieu. Deux théologiens sont choisis de commun accord entre l’auteur de la cause et l’évêque qui doit ouvrir le procès dans son diocèse.

On soumet à la lecture de ces deux théologiens les écrits publics, d’abord, puis privés : lettres, articles, conférences, notes du serviteur de Dieu.
Les théologiens ont un double rôle :
1-Vérifier la conformité de ces écrits avec la foi de l’Eglise,
2-Brosser le portrait spirituel du serviteur de Dieu tel qu’il se dégage de ses écrits. Ce portrait peut être extrêmement utile et riche.

Les écrits publics et privés sont aussi confiés à trois historiens dans un double but :
1-Ils doivent se porter garants de l’authenticité de ces documents ;
2-Surtout ils doivent ils doivent décrire la personnalité humaine se dégage de ces écrits.

Le travail des théologiens et des historiens s’intégrera à l’ensemble du dossier de la cause. Leur opinion aidera le déroulement du procès diocésain où sont appelés à témoigner les amis qui ont vécu avec le serviteur de Dieu.


Pensée du Fr. François

Agir par amour
et non par crainte.
La crainte est comme la gelée
qui durcit, rétrécit, engourdit, détruit.
L’amour est comme la chaleur
qui dilate, amollit, réjouit, anime.
(Fr. François : 60 ans d’histoire mariste, p. 201.)

Pensez souvent à Jésus,
pensez aussi à Marie,
mère de Jésus et notre mère ;
elle était au pied de la croix,
elle souffrait avec Jésus
et c’est là que nous sommes devenus ses enfants,
que Jésus nous l’a donnée pour mère.
C’est notre bonne et tendre mère,
Notre-Dame des Douleurs,
Notre-Dame de Pitié,
Notre-Dame de Compassion.
Nous sommes les fils de sa douleur,
les membres souffrants de Jésus,
son Divin Fils,
qui souffre en nous et donne le prix à nos souffrances.
Nous sommes donc, en cet état,
bien chers au cœur maternel de Marie.
Elle nous aime,
elle nous assiste,
comme une mère pleine de tendresse et,
si elle ne nous délivre pas aussitôt de nos peines,
c’est qu’elle sait combien les souffrances nous sont avantageuses.
(Fr. François: 60 ans d’histoire mariste, p. 342.)

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