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Bro. Lluís Serra, Director of Communications

On the 18th April, this coming Sunday, the new website of the Institute of the Marist Brothers will be launched. This is a special date. Five years ago, Pope John Paul II canonised Marcellin Champagnat in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican. In doing this, the pope recognised a conviction shared by many people about the human and spiritual quality of a man who had conceived the idea of a project to which we feel enthusiasti-cally committed.
This website, realised with the approval and support of Brother Superior General and his Council, is a meeting point for those who, coming from five continents, have a Marist heart. What objectives do we wish to attain? I quote some of those from the most important ones:
· to spread Marcellin’s plan, as much as in the domain of spirituality (“to follow Jesus as Mary did”) as in that of mission (“to be the face of the love of God for the children and young people, especially those most in need”)
· to promote Marist unity in the diversity of countries, languages and cultures
· to present news concerning the Marist presence in the world
· to offer information and material of Marist interest for our visitors.
· to create a place for exchange where each person can give and receive.

We want to attain these objectives simply. Our website must also be accessible to us-ers from countries with less developed infrastructures. Admittedly, we must value the aesthetic quality, the idea and the contents, but without forgetting that they are at the service of communication. We are also open to suggestions and diverse contribu-tions. The new website is meant to be progressive. Some sections, still in embryonic form, will be developed little by little. Errors will even be found that will be corrected as we go along, thanks to everyone’s help. The presentation in the four official lan-guages of the Institute makes the site linguistically and technically more complex.

Each person is invited to enter the site: brothers and laypeople, men and women, young people and adults… Each visitor to our website is like an honoured guest whom we welcome in friendship and to whom we show our care and concern. We hope that everyone feels at ease, can navigate easily and find what they are looking for…, but we hope especially that everyone can discover there new reasons for accepting the challenge to live according to the good news of the love of God and of solidarity with others.

The homepage will present something different each day. Thus we are counting on the contribution of correspondents from different Provinces and Districts to provide the daily fodder through their pieces of information about what is happening in their part of the Marist world.

The Marist Bulletin will continue. We welcome any new subscribers. We want our mes-sage to increase and to reach the greatest number possible of people who are inter-ested in receiving it. Present subscribers can invite parents, friends and people they know who share the values we are trying to spread. This would be a source of great joy for us!

This website is the result of a collaborative effort. Many people have made it possible. It is not the work of one author but of a team. On behalf of this team, I invite you to connect to the Internet and type our address. I believe strongly that the Marist world will broaden its horizons in a way that is totally unsuspected, and that the links that will be created will promote a new reality, bearing the fruits of the Spirit.

Welcome to one and all! You are at home here. La Valla and the Hermitage have opened their walls to embrace the people of five continents. It is not in vain that we are walking in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin, a heart that knows no bounds.

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