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The young novices of Medellín

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On the 22nd January, the memorial of Brother François, eleven young men from Colombia, Salvador and Haiti started their Novitiate at Medellin, in Colombia, in the interprovincial House of Formation. During this Marist Vocation Year we wanted to ask each of them about their motivations in following their vocation, especially during this stage of the Novitiate.

Sandro Iván Paz Criollo, Province of Norandina
Today, I am very happy to do my Novitiate and to give a generous response to the Lords call, a call that involves loving Jesus Christ and giving a radical yes in giving myself in service to my brothers. I thank God for giving me the confidence to follow this vocational journey and for strengthening me in my convictions so that I can give a better response to the needs of today and so that I can be confirmed in my commitment, my love of Jesus Christ and in the Marist lifestyle.

Alexis Ermes Sigindioy Chindoy, Province of Norandina
My motivation in following this process of formation in the Novitiate is to follow Jesus. He is my close friend, the one who is going to consolidate my Marist vocational journey, so that I can build my life on Him and proclaim the Kingdom of God. Since the glory of God is a person fully alive, from today I want to respond generously to the call and to the mission that He has entrusted to me.

Nelson Iibardo Escobar Mallama, Province of Norandina
My desire is to follow this stage of the Novitiate in response to the call God has given me, by deepening my interior discernment and by imitating the lifestyle of Jesus, in simplicity and humility, by putting my life at the service of others, with a special option for the poorest of the poor, as Marcellin Champagnat, our Founder, did under the protection of our Good Mother. I am looking also to strengthen my spiritual and intellectual development so that I may be an instrument that helps to bring about the true Kingdom of God.

Luis Antonío Martinez Narváez, Province of Norandina
Following a deep process of discernment and of interior reflection concerning my vocational journey, I was able to come to the conclusion that there are two motivations that pushed me to ask for admission to the Novitiate in order to follow Marist life in this Congregation. The first is to continue to choose Jesus as the reference and absolute centre of my life. And I feel that the second is in the same line of importance as the first, that is, to continue to deepen the values and the Marist lifestyle through an awareness and a life that perpetuates Champagnats dream, our well-loved Founder, in the service of others, especially those in most need.

Harold Fabián Morales Mutumbajoy , Province of Norandina
God called me so that I would give without counting the cost, without needing to understand why; but God did call me: He led me to the desert and spoke to my heart.
As an aspirant and as a postulant, I knew that God had been in my life since all time. The call he gave me then was to take on a mission: to educate children and young people in the way of Mary, in Champagnats way, that is to say, to give God today a little yes to continue, by allowing Him to love me, to speak to my heart, to guide me, and at the same time, to love my brothers.

José Alberto Quintero Galvis , Province of Norandina
My motivation during this stage of the Novitiate is to respond to the call that God has given me in my life, to give myself a space in which to meet Him personally and to see clearly the path along which God is calling me, to grow in all aspects: as a person, as a religious and as a Marist.

René Antonio Montes Ruiz, Province of América Central
My motivations for entering into this stage of the Novitiate are: to continue deepening my awareness of the Lords call that I feel and to be able to consolidate all that the Lord is offering me during this Novitiate. As well, I want to enter into deep dialogue with Him through prayer and thus to respond generously to Him.

Juan Carlos Velásquez Valladares, Province of América Central
Above all, I must thank God for allowing me to commence a new experience in my life and in my vocational journey during this stage of the Novitiate. I am here to follow more deeply the call of God, to immerse myself in his service among those in most need and also to realise a personal life option. As well, during this stage, I feel myself invited to continue to deepen further my personal encounter and relationship with God, to allow myself to be filled by Him and to respond to Him with a generous heart.

Alejandro Gustavo Herrera Galicia, Province of América Central
I opted for the Marist Novitiate as a result of a substantial vocational journey. It is a challenge for me to live outside the Province of América Central, but it is the hope of following my journey, the hope of deepening my relationship with God who encourages me, the desire to put my heart more at the disposal of doing His will. I am confident that in this special time of deepening my vocation, God will be present and that He will do so generously.

Frantzley Exama, Province of Canada, Sector of Haiti
I feel happy and full of zeal for the Marist mission. I want to live this new stage of the Novitiate in all openness, to experience the presence and the love of God in my life and thus to discover that Jesus has chosen me, that he loves me and that he calls me to follow him.
I desire to give myself totally to following him, to committing myself to the service of others with faith and with a profound generosity, and to live a life that is humble and simple, like Mary and Champagnat. I also want to be a servant in the hands of God.

Jourdin Méronville, Province of Canada, Sector of Haiti
I took the decision to continue my vocational journey in the Novitiate because I want to deepen my relationship with God and to develop more that which is called being Marist. When I say to deepen my relationship with God, I mean: to seek God, what he wants of me, the way he has marked out for me. To develop more that which is called being Marist, means for me: to establish more deeply in my being all that makes me a Marist and that leads me to be a friend of everybody, following the example of Marcellin Champagnat.

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